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Online payment methods are undoubtedly one of the fields where innovation is growing the most. That’s thanks to the multitude of financial startups, one known as Fintech, in the online finance and payment sector.

Years ago it was difficult to find payment methods beyond the three or four methods available, with many problems in using them in some countries. Today, not only is it possible to use them in almost any country in the world, no matter how remote, but we also have a wide variety of options to choose from.

One of the sectors where this evolution of payment methods is having the most notoriety is in the online gambling sector, where we can find a multitude of services aimed precisely at online gamblers.

Choosing a secure payment method

With so many different online payment methods available, it can be more difficult to choose the perfect payment method for us. Therefore, the first thing we should think about is whether the payment method has a proven security and trustworthiness, so that we can trust our funds and money transfers to this company.

For this we recommend always using known payment methods, not trying to test the newest ones that have just come onto the market, as they do not yet have a sufficiently long history to be able to confirm that they are safe.

There are a multitude of payment methods and we should not risk using unsafe payment methods, especially if we are playing from countries where we have a multitude of different methods available. If you are playing from a country where you have few payment methods available, you will have to choose between a few of them. However, the criteria and advice we can give you when choosing them would be the same, albeit with fewer options to choose from.

Multitude of currencies

In some countries it is interesting to be able to use payment methods that offer the possibility to pay and receive payments in different currencies, since our currency may not be an internationally used currency. Normally, being able to make and receive payments in euros and dollars is enough to be able to work with almost any country in the world, as these currencies are often used in international markets. In the gambling world, most online casinos accept payments in one of these two currencies, so we can also pay there if we use payment methods with these available currencies.

Fast payments

Another aspect to consider when choosing the best online payment methods for us is the speed with which we can pay and be paid. Most new payment methods make payments instantly or within minutes, so any relatively new method will offer us to make payments as quickly as possible.


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