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Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Perri Rubeck and I am running as a lifelong member of the Republican Party to defend the rights of land owners as the next Sweetwater County Assessor.

I am a third generation member of Sweetwater County having graduated from both Rock Springs High School and Western Wyoming Community College. I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Northwest Nazarene University.

My children both attend Green River High School and I have served on the boards for both the Green River Spurs and the Rock Springs Avengers soccer programs for a total of ten years. I have been self-employed the majority of my adult life. I am proud of this great community and I believe my understanding of the protections inherent to the Constitution as it relates to Land Rights will benefit each of my friends and neighbors residing in Sweetwater County.

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First of all I want to say, “Thank You,” to the 5,968 voters that cast their ballots in my favor in the 2018 Primary Election. I appreciate your confidence in me at that time, and I can assure you the last four years of study and research has inspired me to be a more competent and prepared candidate to once again earn your vote.

What do you see as the most important issues in your candidacy and how will you address them?

The Revolutionary War was fought with one main purpose and that was to grant land rights to land owners. Our Forefathers’ top priority was to createSuperior Title to lands of property owners for their heirs and future successors. The King of England personally carried Allodium Title on his lands and this meant, owing to no one! Allodium Title provisions were put in place by our Founding Fathers for, “We the People,” before the design of the Constitution of the United States of America or the creation of government.

Proper titling of land was critical to our Forefathers, and it remains equally critical today.

The Constitutionally protected rights of land owners are not being recognized in Sweetwater County and this infringement starts with the office of the County Assessor. Article Four, Section Three, Clause Two of the Constitution of the United States was designed with the intent to have Congress dispose of lands for the enjoyment and enrichment of “We the People.” This fact is evident in the creation of the General Land Office (GLO), recognized today as the Bureau of Land Management.

The GLO created eleven vehicles of patent to dispose of lands and these vehicles became known as land grant patents. The most prevalent land grant patent in Sweetwater County is the Railroad LandPatent signed in 1903 by the authority of President Theodore Roosevelt. Nearly every person living in this community lives on patented land, most of which are railroad patents issued to the Union Pacific Railroad, as Grantee, from the United States of America, as Grantor. Every land patent issued by the United States Government carries with it a FOREVER contract guaranteeing land owners, “Rights, Privileges and Immunities, of Whatsoever Nature, unto the said claimant, its successors, heirs and assigns, FOREVER.”

My entire campaign is going to be based on educating the voting population to the significance of the Land Grant Patent. As an elected official, I will uphold my sworn oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Wyoming.

My approach to the duties of the elected position of County Assessor are going to challenge the Status Quo on all levels and force government to truly be at the, “Consent of the Governed,” as our Forefather’s had intended. Article One, Section Ten, Clause One of the Constitution states that, “We the People,” have an obligation to contract without impairment. Do you feel that, as a voting member of Sweetwater County, your obligation of contract is being forced upon you through taxation and unlawful statutes? I know I do!

If your answer is, “Yes,” then it is my obligation to earn your vote by teaching the process of creating a “Notice of Acceptance of Declaration of Land Grant Patent” to claim the benefit of living on patented land. The process to complete this Lawful Notice can be learned in a Town Hall Assembly taught by the nation’s foremost authority on this topic… a Constitutional Lawyer friend of mine with fifty years of practical knowledge regarding land rights and mining rights, living in Medford, Oregon. (Dates and times for this Assembly will be published once confirmed.)

If you want change in government it must start with the person “Assessing” the revenue source. The seat for County Assessor is the MOST political position on this ballot, contrary to most people’s belief. Does the Duty of the County Assessor fall under the Statutes of the job description or is it the Duty of the County Assessor to abide by the Sworn Oath to defend the rights explicitly written in the United States Constitution?

The perspective that answers this important question determines the impacts of Delegated Authority that will regulate this office. No person can serve two masters, and the interpretation to the duties of the County Assessor position is what makes this seat political. I recognize the sworn oath and the Constitution, while the incumbent is well versed and trained in the application of the Statutes. Sworn Oath for Officials in Wyoming, “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution for the State of Wyoming; that I have not knowingly violated any law related to my election or appointment, or caused it to be done by others, and that I will discharge the duties of my office with fidelity.”

I believe that the United States Constitution and land ownership rights are the reason our country has withstood for nearly 250 years and the sworn oath to defend these rights is something I will adhere to when administering my tasks as new County Assessor. Without honor in the sworn oath there can be no trust, without trust there can be no honor! Since the 2018 election cycle, all of us have been challenged with government infringements that have impacted our lives.

As Sweetwater County Assessor, I will give land owners a voice that is heard and show them a remedy to exercise their rights, immunities and privileges of whatsoever nature, that exists in the Forever contract related to their lands. I welcome opinions of dissent or affirmation to the impacts present in the statements I am making in this announcement, and to the visions that I have in upholding the rights of the land owner. Some may feel my views are radical, but every point that I make is supported by the Constitution of the United States or authorized by the signature of the President of the United States.

Land rights cover more than just taxation they cover true ownership of the land. Replacing the instrument of Warranty Deed with a Notice of Acceptance of Declaration of Land Patent eliminates any debtor from placing liens against your land. This benefit insures the land owner retains the land regardless of any unfortunate event that may occur. The King’s Title (Allodium Title) is the reward for winning the Revolutionary War, and the patent’s effectiveness is supported by 190 years of Supreme Court Rulings upholding the rights of patented land.

With the increased energy costs and food costs, the disposable income of every person has been negatively impacted. Those on fixed incomes are hurt the worst, and those individuals are now feeling the financial pressures of a real estate market that is growing in value too. Why are we being taxed for unrealized gains in real estate value, just because an unknown neighbor sold their home at an all-time high price? This is a baseless valuation process and so is the notion that building costs are elevated, so your property tax has now increased as well.

The truth is, the only evidence of increase is the $100,000.00 adjusted salary the current County Assessor, elected four years ago as a Democrat, negotiated for himself in his expected final term before retiring. I appreciate Mr Divis has served thirty-one years in county taxation, but why in those thirty-one years did he never offer the benefit of patented land protection? I will work for, “We the People” of Sweetwater County, and not be governed by the demands of the State Revenue Board, nor the State Board of Equalization residing in Cheyenne.

Dollars are used best by, “We the People,” of Sweetwater County than they are being extorted from our hands and used to expand government in all its forms. Government only exists at the Consent of the Governed, and this is the basis of my platform as I actively attempt to earn your vote!!!

How can voters contact you?

Land Rights Town Hall Meeting
July 27th
Justice Center 6:30 pm-8 pm
Facebook: Perri Rubeck
Perri Rubeck for County Assessor
Text/Call: 307-389-4404

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