Personal lubricant made from cow mucus may protect against HIV


In a laboratory study, human epithelial cells were treated with the lubricant before being exposed to HIV or a herpes virus, with subsequent infection rates being as low as 20 per cent


14 October 2022

The mucus in cows' salivary glands may have anti-viral properties

The mucus in cows’ salivary glands may have anti-viral properties

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A lubricant derived from the mucus of cow salivary glands has shown promise at preventing the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and a herpes virus from infecting healthy human cells.

Mucus is a protective gel that lubricates the epithelial tissues that cover our organs and line our body cavities, as well as acting as a first line of defence against microorganisms. The main component of mucus, a protein called mucin, may have antiviral properties.

Hongji Yan at the KTH Royal …

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