Pickle Rick Might Come To MultiVersus Just As Game Is Dying


 A screenshot shows Morty standing alone on a stage while Cromulons watch.

Screenshot: PlayerFirst Games

MultiVersus, Warner Bros. popular online fighting game that made the phrase “LeBron James frame data” a real thing you can say, has experienced a significant drop in its daily player count on Steam.

According to SteamDB, the number of folks playing MultiVersus simultaneously has gone from its peak of 153,433 concurrent players seven months ago to an average daily peak of just 1,297 players over the last 30 days. For those searching for your abacus at home, that’s a 99 percent decrease in daily players.

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According to Video Games Chronicle, the reason for MultiVersus’ sharp decline in daily players comes from players’ dissatisfaction with the game’s lack of new characters. The last addition to MultiVersus’ roster was Looney Tunes’ Marvin the Martian back in November.

MultiVersus Season 3, which was supposed to release today, was delayed by developer PlayerFirst Games to March 31. PlayerFirst Games addressed the news in a tweet saying the decision to hold off on the game’s third season was made to help players “reach the end of the current Battle Pass.” Going off the replies and sub-tweets to PlayerFirst Games’ announcement, the news didn’t go over so well.

Back in the halcyon days of, well, summer of last year, MultiVersus was topping sales charts and was the most-played game on the Steam Deck for a while. Despite being a free-to-play online fighting game, MultiVersus’ Founders Pack option, think Smash Bros.’ DLC character expansion packs, start at $40, depending on which version of the game you bought. Time will tell whether the rumored Pickle Rick move set data miners uncovered and the subsequent announcement of the anthropomorphic pickle as a separate fighter to MultiVersus will lead to an uptick in wayward Rick and Morty players. Knowing that fandom, it just might.

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