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July 23, 2022

You should be able to get your head in the game on Saturday, even if the “game” is actually work, not play. But if you knock this task out now, you can play later. Mental Mercury in your productivity corner will help you to stay focused, while its link with Jupiter in your resourceful second house will give you the tools to get the job done. You might even push this project across the finish line ahead of schedule. If you know you’ve contributed enough elbow grease to merit a reward, click “Complete Order” on that dream item that’s been languishing in your online cart for ages. But only that one…no “just two more things to get free shipping” rationale allowed! Sunday is a different story, as aesthetic Venus in your happiness zone tussles with overboard Jupiter. We all covet beautiful things, but if you’re on a budget, bear in mind that these skies suggest that whatever you’re craving probably can’t deliver the amount of pleasure you imagine. The answer to “Is it worth it?” is extra complicated now. DO take a big, confident bite out of life on Sunday because romance, creativity and fun are all favored. But live in the moment rather than pushing for a bigger reward.

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