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MONTH OF September

So. Many. Feelings! The Sun is moving through the most committed parts of your chart this month, visiting Virgo and your partnership house until September 22, then plunging into Libra and your intimate eighth house. With activator Mars in Gemini and your emotional fourth house for the next six months, your sensitive Pisces nature will be on full display. While we’re all for being vulnerable and transparent, be discerning about who gets access to this deeply personal side of your life.

Here’s something you’ll find surprisingly helpful: All of the slow-moving outer planets—Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune AND Pluto—are powered down in retrograde (backward) motion this whole month. This is your permission slip to take things at a more measured pace. Step back and evaluate where you’re heading and how all of the moving parts of your life fit together. Late next month, expansive Jupiter will make one final return to Pisces until the end of the year. Get clear about where you’re heading and who’s coming along for the ride.

On September 9, communication planet Mercury joins the retrograde parade, a tricky time that can foil technology, schedules and day-to-day interactions until October 2. Mercury will back through your partnership and merger zones, a make-or-break moment for a few key members of Team Pisces. Will they come along for the next chapter, or is it time to find a better fit? 


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Don’t rush into these decisions but DO hone your criteria and see who passes the test. The September 25 Libra new moon could be especially eye-opening. One unexpected person who’s quietly supported you could rise to the top of your list.

Dynamic duos: It’s Virgo season until September 22

Partner up for the win, Pisces! September is your month for dynamic duos as the Sun travels through your opposite sign of Virgo until September 22, then moves into Libra and your joint-ventures zone for the duration. Virgo governs your seventh house of committed relationships, and for the first three weeks of the month, bonding with your inner circle takes top billing. 

Don’t forget the people who “knew you when.” With Mercury turning retrograde this month (more on that momentarily), everyone from an old love to a former business partner could resurface with an offer.

Mercury is retrograde September 9 to October 2

Should you stay or should you go? All of your closest connections and contracts are due for a refresher and a review this month. Communication planet Mercury will be retrograde from September 9 until October 2, which can disrupt communication, travel and technology. 

Mercury will backtrack through Libra until September 23, putting the press on your eighth house of intimacy and shared finances. An ex could resurface, tempting you to re-engage. Though the attraction may still be strong, have those lingering issues actually cleared up? If you dare to go there, conduct your due diligence before handing over your trust. If you’re still stinging over a past betrayal, Mercury’s backspin could poke the old wound. What part of the lesson or healing still needs to happen, Pisces?

The eighth house also rules long-term finances, wealth and investments. Press pause on any fast-moving collaborations, especially if they involve plunking down cash or equity. Mercury retrograde can be a blessing in disguise, buying you time to really think your plans through. If a prospective partner starts to stall or waffle, get clear on their hesitation. Do they need more information? Is there something specific they object to? 

Instead of feeling intimidated, get interested. Ask the questions, do the research and be thorough. Maybe you need to tweak your own presentation before unveiling a big pitch. Take this extra time to prepare before getting involved in any entanglements you can’t escape!

From September 23 until October 2, Mercury will reverse through Virgo and your partnership house, which could provoke vexing quarrels with romantic and business partners alike. Slow down and really listen to what people are saying before you jump to conclusions (and down their throats). Bring more equality into your relationships if the give-and-take has tipped off-balance. Reconnect with people from your inner circle and do repair work on any shaky ties.

An important person, possibly an ex, could resurface from your past. Don’t take this as an immediate sign that you’re meant to reunite, though. With messenger Mercury at the wheel, this person could simply reappear as a sort of karmic reminder: Is there a sacred part of yourself you’ve abandoned or a passion project you need to pick up again? Maybe you need to connect with the vibrant spirit you were back when this person was in your life (more curious, an intrepid traveler, creatively woke). This could also be an opportunity for closure, to release lingering pieces from that relationship—or put the torch out for good.

The Pisces full moon spotlights you on September 10

While this month finds you focused on your relationships, September 10 puts the limelight back on YOU. As the Pisces full moon lights the skies, your own passion projects and priorities command center stage. This lunar lift is the only one in your sign this year, and it will be impossible to hold back your feelings. 

The next two weeks are all about you, Pisces, and there’s to be zero guilt about that. If you need to advocate for yourself or promote a personal project, the stars support you. Got a big announcement to drop or a creation to debut? Craft that viral post and book the venue! You’ve been building toward this month since the March 2 Pisces new moon. Now’s the time that all your birthday intentions come together!

Libra season starts September 22, along with the September 25 Libra new moon

Slip off the grid to rejuvenate starting September 22, when the Sun plunges into Libra and your private, restorative eighth house. With el Sol heating up this erotic sector, a mind-body-soul connection could turn into a sizzling fall romance, especially at the September 25 Libra new moon. 

The eighth house rules shared finances and investments, and over the next four weeks, you’ll find ways to make your money work harder for you. The new moon may serve up an opportunity to join forces with a fellow power player before the month ends. 

Take your time: New moons can take up to six months to fully yield their harvest. And with Mercury retrograde until October 2, you’ll want that extra time to think this one over. Optimistic Jupiter is also opposing this year’s Libra new moon. With Jupiter in Aries and your practical second house, ensure that any big moves also fit into your current day-to-day agenda. You may need to move a few items around on your calendar before you can commit to a big, life-changing opportunity or relationship shift.

Explore synergies and follow your extra-sharp instincts now, but be sure to do all the proper research before you make anything official. With all this permabonding energy, you’re playing for keeps. Better to be sure you’re fully committed before you dive in! 

Emotions ablaze! Passion planet Mars spends all month in Gemini, activating your sensitive and sentimental fourth house. This transit, which happens every two years, inspires you to deepen your bonds and take a chance on getting closer. This time around, Mars in Gemini comes with a twist: Rather than spending the usual six to eight weeks in one sign, Mars is here from August 20, 2022, until March 25, 2023. The downside is that this extended visit is due to a tricky retrograde (October 30 to January 12). However, this is a rare opportunity to get more assertive and courageous with your emotional expression. 

This month, open up and reveal your vulnerable side or share some nostalgic pieces of your personal history by taking your S.O. on a stroll down memory lane. Is it time to show them your childhood home, introduce your partner to your family or even begin talking babies and cohabitation? 

Warning: Your moods will be prickly with the red planet intensifying everything, and you’re naturally prone to taking things a bit too personally. Watch those knee-jerk reactions! Mars here can activate some abandonment fears and also a few “parent issues.” If you find yourself edging into needy territory—or pushing someone away because you realize how dependent you’ve grown—take a step back and ground yourself.

Play those cards right and you might find yourself on more secure relationship ground than ever. From September 5 to 29, romantic Venus is in Virgo and your seventh house of partnership, putting you in the mood to get serious. Single? You could meet someone who complements you to a tee. Set aside your reservations and let friends fix you up or talk to that intriguing person, even if you feel awkward at first. Coupled Pisces will enjoy sweet moments of connection. Take time for just the two of you, planning special outings where you can talk, bond and enjoy each other’s company.

But don’t rush any binding decisions, especially since Mercury is retrograde from September 9 to October 2. This can be an unfavorable time to make things official because hidden information can be obscured. Mercury will also reverse through Libra and Virgo, the two most intimate and committed zones of your chart. Issues from your past might flare up. Don’t be surprised if an old flame pops up out of nowhere—and you consider giving this a second chance! Watch out for emotional overload on September 16, when Venus and Mars clash in an embattled 90-degree square. Strong feelings come rushing out and this burst dam could cause you to lose perspective, overwhelming you and anyone in your path.

Bring on the dynamic duos! The Sun is zipping through Virgo and your seventh house of partnerships until September 22, restoring harmony to your bonds. For the first three weeks of the month, focus on clear and effective communication. This is all the more imperative since Mercury, ruler of technology and information, will be retrograde from September 9 to October 2. Be especially cautious about sharing proprietary intel and signing contracts. Hold off until next month if you can, and make sure to have confidentiality agreements inked before you let anyone into the vault.

On September 10, the Pisces full moon shines a spotlight on your grandest personal goals. This is the culmination of the March 2 Pisces new moon, and it will bring your last birthday wishes to manifestation. Since full moons can signify endings, it might be time to release an outmoded habit or self-defeating belief that no longer serves your best interests. 

On September 22, the Sun shifts into Libra and your eighth house of joint ventures and long-term finances for a month. You’ll gain insight about who can be trusted for the long haul. Explore opportunities to merge your resources for mutual gain or to make a savvy investment. Passive- income prospects could pop up, such as a chance to earn affiliate money, royalties or commissions.

Love Days: 19, 24

Money Days: 3, 12

Luck Days: 28, 10

Off Days: 21, 25

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