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A lot transpired during the July 22 season finale of Mama June: Road To Redemption. Not only did Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon tell the rest of her family that she and Josh are expecting another baby, but soon thereafter, they received news that they’re actually having twins!  Obviously, everyone was super happy for them, but the celebration didn’t last very long because Pumpkin and Josh also ran into a few roadblocks when it came to their petition to get sole custody of Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson.

First, a judge told them that they’d have to get Sugar Bear‘s permission. Even though June “Mama June” Shannon already signed papers, allowing Pumpkin and Josh to get full custody of Alana, a judge told them that they needed to do the same with Sugar Bear since he’s Alana’s father. Pumpkin was a little nervous about that since he and his now-ex, Jennifer Thompson, once tried getting custody of Alana themselves, but Josh went to lunch with him and after a sensible conversation, Sugar Bear realized that allowing Josh and Pumpkin to have custody of Alana was in her best interest. So as he wiped tears from his eyes, he signed the papers that Josh asked him to.

Next, Pumpkin was told that she’d have to get June to sign the papers again due to some sort of technicality. Pumpkin also hired a new lawyer, so she and June met up towards the end of the episode to get the papers signed once more. But what June didn’t know is that the lawyer and Pumpkin were about to ambush her with a request for child support.

Once June discovered that Pumpkin wanted child support in the form of $2,000 per month, she refused to sign the new papers. In fact, June said she’d rather give over all of her rights to Alana than pay the $2K per month. So Pumpkin was left with no other option than to take June to court.

In the end, Josh and Pumpkin were awarded full custody of Alana, and June was ordered to pay them $800 per month in child support. Pumpkin also gave birth to her twins in May — just a few weeks after getting full custody of Alana.

Oh, and even though June told Pumpkin that she didn’t have the the kind of money that Pumpkin thinks she has, she went and bought her boyfriend a whole set of new teeth.

And that’s a wrap on the latest season of Mama June: Road To Redemption.

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