RAS Release Show | Free Week 2 NFL Betting Picks from Pro Bettors


Covers has teamed up with Right Angle Sports, a betting syndicate full of professionals based in the United States that has been winning for more than 20 years. Due to their track record and long-term success, anytime they make a bet, every sportsbook changes the odds based on what they say.

To ensure everyone is able to bet together and get the same odds, we follow a strict release procedure carried out on the show. Before the odds move, everyone will have a few seconds to hurry and get the bet in. This show is unlike any other picks show in the industry!

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If you’re looking to bet at a legal, regulated betting site, we have all the information you need to get started — including which sportsbooks are available where you live, the best offers available, and much more:

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Must be of legal gambling age and within state/provincial borders where sports betting is legal.
Always bet within your limits. Need help? https://www.covers.com/guides/help

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