RE8 DLC Has Playable Lady D Smashing Zombies With Vanities


Lady D holds a beastman up in the air with one arm while looking chic.

Screenshot: Capcom

Resident Evil Village is getting new DLC in October that will finally make its star, Lady Dimitrescu, playable, and today Capcom finally showed off how she will play. Baroque furniture will be smashed and hordes of enemies will get the 9’6” chokehold. Also Chris Redfield will be there, I guess.

The “Winters’ Expansion” arrives on October 28, and it includes a third-person-mode for the base game, as well as a new story DLC called “Shadows of Rose” that takes place 16 years after the events of the game. But the part that keeps stealing the show is an add-on for the Mercenaries arcade mode. This adds the gun-toting Chris Redfield and the hammer-smashing Karl Heisenberg, to the playable roster, and, more importantly, Lady Alcina Dimitrescu herself.

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition – Mercenaries Trailer

Here’s how Capcom producer Tsuyoshi Kanda described her playstyle in a new PlayStation blog post on Friday:

Standing more than nine-feet tall, Lady Dimitrescu slices through enemies with her talons. Her unique Thrill Gauge increases by attacking enemies or by using the “Lady’s Lipstick” item. As the Thrill Gauge increases, Lady Dimitrescu’s movement speed and nail damage increase, and new moves are unlocked as well. When the gauge is maxed out, her damage will also be at its peak.

While brief, the new gameplay trailer shows some of this in action, with Dimitrescu looking down upon wave after wave of lycan and zombie as she makes quick work of the demonic pipsqueaks. Her powers even include a call back to her vanity throwing moment that blew up on social media:

Lady D spends most of Resident Evil Village slowly stalking you and she’s rather invulnerable. It’ll be nice to turn the tables in the new DLC. Fill up her Thrill Gauge all the way and you’ll even be able to summon one of her three daughters to fight alongside you. Hopefully this is just the first step on the long road to a full-blown spin-off.

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