Runner’s stomach: Compression socks may prevent nausea and loose bowels during marathons


Stomach cramps and the urgent need for the toilet on long runs may partly be caused by decreased blood flow damaging gut cells. Compression socks reduce signs of this damage in marathon runners


30 August 2022

Runner in compression socks running on road in mountains

Wearing compression socks during a marathon may help prevent damage to gut cells


Wearing compression socks may reduce the intestinal damage thought to cause cramping, nausea and other stomach troubles sometimes associated with endurance running.

During intense exercise, some people experience what’s known as “runner’s stomach” – the sudden onset of symptoms that can include nausea, cramping and the urgent need to use the toilet. Also known as exercise-induced gastrointestinal syndrome, it seems to affect people regardless of their fitness level.

Previous research suggested that these symptoms may in part …

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