Small changes help New Year’s resolutions happen


CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – It’s that time of year when we hear about turning over a new leaf.

But for those this year who are committed to improving their health and longevity, we spoke to local experts about what it takes to do and how to make it stick.

As folks jump back on the weight loss bandwagon this time of year, experts recommend starting slow and focusing on your overall health to feel better in your own skin.

“Well what I would say is you want to start slow. You don’t ever want to burn yourself out. So basically I would say three or four times a week, you always want to include stretching before and after every lift,” Gary McCollister, General Manager at Planet Fitness.

McCollister recommends finding your “why” to help with consistent motivation.

“My personal reasoning was my family. I actually lost 100 pounds here at Planet Fitness. It was a pretty wild and fantastic journey, and I just kept pulling motivation from my wife and my two boys,” said McCollister.

McCollister started with 30 minutes of activity, and his “goal journey” took him seven months to accomplish; he now works at the gym.

Nutrition also impacts how you feel overall.

Anna Hambright, the Lead Outpatient Dietitian for the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, says to avoid fads and, instead of taking things away, add.

“Maybe instead of changing something, think about a goal that you can add in to your diet, so we’re not taking away from your current lifestyle or what youre currently doing, but youre just adding to it,” said Hambright.

Focusing on filling over half of your plate with fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, increasing fiber, nutrition and adding more water to your regime while limiting sugars.

Portion size also matters; folks should stick to half a cup or fist size for everything else.

“Its ok to still have those indulgences sometimes but we want them t o be part of an overall healthful diet so youre still having your fruits ans vegetables and a balanced plate mostly but just a little of those treats in there is ok,” said Hambright.

These small steps help move you in the right direction in the New Year.

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