Song of Old Wyoming 1945 (English Full Movie)


Title: Song Of Old Wyoming

A casual cowhand (Eddie Dean) fights the Cheyenne Kid (Al “Lash” La Rue) in behalf of a woman rancher (Sarah Padden).

Initial release: October 12, 1945 (USA)
Director: Robert Emmett Tansey
Producer: Robert Emmett Tansey
Story by: Robert Emmett Tansey
Screenplay: Robert Emmett Tansey, Frances Kavanaugh

Publication date: 2015-05-03
Usage: Public Domain Mark 1.0

Topics: Feature films, B-Westerns, Eddie Dean, Lash LaRue, Robert Emmett Tansey, Sarah Padden, Jennifer Holt, PRC, Cinecolor, singing cowboys

Language: English

“Song of Old Wyoming” is the first of a series of B-Westerns, starring Eddie Dean and filmed in Cinecolor by Poverty Row studio, PRC. A total of five were produced in color.

The story is that Eddie Dean was upstaged in this first of the series by newcomer, Al (soon to be known as “Lash”) LaRue. LaRue couldn’t sing like Eddie Dean, who was the most mellifluous of cowboy singers. Dean also co-wrote two of the films three songs.

Prolific B-movie producer-director, Robert Emmett Tansey, produced the initial entries in Dean’s series at PRC.

Cinecolor was a two-color process using blue-green and red-magenta dyes. The system produced acceptable color at a fraction of the cost of Technicolor. Cinecolor reproduced reds, browns and blues well and for this reason was used on many westerns.

I was inspired by the nostalgic comments about this film to watch the execrable print previously uploaded on the Archive. That wretched copy made me want to find a more complete version and I finally tracked one down with vastly improved, though far from perfect, resolution and color. I had to eliminate missing footage by using bits from the previous Archive version but there are many small gaps. I hope these replaced sections are not too distracting, and that this version makes the film much more watchable.

Closed: no
captioning: yes
Color: color
Identifier: SongOfOldWyoming_201505
Scanner: Internet Archive
HTML5 Uploader: 1.6.1
Sound: sound
Year: 1945


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