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Sports Betting with Stanford Steve & Chris Long on Green Light Podcast | Chalk Media. Welcome to the a sneak peek of the Green Light podcast that Chalk Media and Chris Long will be rolling out in the next couple of weeks.

With Chris looking for a little help to support his son’s college fund, he tapped Stanford Steve to talk sports betting 101 and get Steve’s picks for this weekend’s NFL and College Football games.

Chalk Media will be releasing the full Green Light podcast in the coming weeks where Chris Long will cover the NFL, college football, NHL, NBA and NHL as well as all the entertaining and interesting things that happen in the world of sports and entertainment.

About Chalk Media:

Following the unfiltered voice and vision of Chris Long, Chalk Media is the interactive online community for you, the intelligent and humorous sports fan. Driven by access, Chalk delivers a unique perspective that cuts through the canned talking points and provides a variety of content from your favorite sports and entertainment celebrities.

Here at Chalk, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are rooted in challenging the perception of professional athletes. We embrace the “real” with a unique combination of humor and intelligence. Chalk is a community with a voice beyond 240 characters that brings a perspective and vibe to a traditionally brash and boastful sports media space.

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