Steve Freel for County Commissioner


Natrona County native, Steve Freel, would like to bring his Municipal Government experience to the County Commission in this year’s upcoming elections. With several areas of interest, Freel is ready to hit the ground running.

For the past four years, Steve Freel has worked closely with several commissioners in a variety of areas including Regional Water, the Health Department, College National Finals Rodeo, and Travel and Tourism. Residents of Natrona County may know Freel by a few different titles, Law Enforcement Command Staff Member, Real Estate Broker, and Mayor.

Steve Freel is ready to add County Commissioner to that list. In each of these positions, Freel has exercised his duty to do what’s right and look at every side of a situation in order to make an informed decision about any issue at hand. His time in each of these positions has contributed to his overall experience that he can apply to the County Commission.


As a County Commissioner Steve Freel Would Be Dedicated to:

Balancing Economic Diversification with Natural Resource Support
Freel acknowledges the importance of the energy sector to our economy and identity as a county. He is focused on taking steps to ensure our natural resources and renewable energies continue flowing and at the same time look at diversification to assist the economic impact of the Natrona County area. Freel explains, “Diversification is great for our economy, but there needs to be a balance between expansion of business in our area and keeping the wide-open Natrona County spaces that we all enjoy.”

Alcova Recreation Development
The Bureau of Recreation currently has a 25-year lease in place in the Alcova area. Freel believes the continued development for future recreation use and surrounding reservoir areas is both exciting and necessary. As a County Commissioner, he would look forward to being involved in this development.

Strategic Re-location of Casper Natrona County Health Department
Another area of interest includes the County Commission’s intended acquisition of a Public Health Facility guided by the Health Department. The current location of the Health Department underserves the needs of this agency. Freel suggests that the Commission investigates housing the Health Department in one of many vacant buildings within the community, rather than building a new facility.

As County Commissioner, Freel would continue to give the same dedication to the County Commission as he has to the City Council and the many other roles he has held in the past. When you hit the polls for the primary elections August 18th, Steve Freel kindly asks for your vote.

Stay up to date on his campaign by visiting the Steve Freel for County Commissioner Facebook page, donate to his campaign, or contact Steve at

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