Sweetwater County Residents Earn Degrees from University of Wyoming


Sweetwater County Residents Earn Degrees from University of Wyoming

Sweetwater County saw 65 students cross the stage to earn their degrees from the University of Wyoming during the 2022 commencement ceremony.

LARAMIE — The University of Wyoming has released it list of graduates for each county this week with 65 Sweetwater County students earning their recognition this week.

Rock Springs graduated the most students from the university with 37, followed by 23 from Green River, two from Farson and Reliance, and one from Little America.

The following degrees may be included on this list: BA (Bachelor of Arts); BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts); BS (Bachelor of Science); BSB (Bachelor of Science in Business); BSCE (Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering); BSCP (Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering); BSCS (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science); BSME (Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering); BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing); BSPE (Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering); CERT (Certificate); JD (Juris Doctor); MA (Master of Arts); MS (Master of Science); MSW (Master of Social Work); and PhRD (Doctor of Pharmacy).

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Rock Springs

Troy Lee Archuleta CERT
Brady Arnoldi BS
CeeJay Berg double BS
Madison Blazovich JD
Shainia E. Carrillo BS
Cory Allyn Cordova BSN
Kira L. Cozzens BS
Ryan Curtis BSCE
Tyler David Dewey BS
Ian Mark Fletcher BS
Chloe K. Garcia BS
Kia J. Hafner BS
Hunter M. Hanson BS
Makinzie Havskjold BS
Jett Lew MS
Kevin Liu BS
Judith E. Luque BSW
Mara Ellyse Madsen PhRD
Dylan C. Matlock BSE
Kristin D. McCrann BSN
Madison D. Miskulin BS
Parker Lynch Newberg BS
Kenzie J. Overy BS
Maliha Dion Owens MS
Alexandra L. Palmer BSB
Lindsey Pearson BSN
Heather Platzer BA
Steven M. Poyer BS
John A. Prevedel BS
Mikinzie Helene Shelley BS
Mckenzie Skiles BSN
Sophia Spicer BA
Jennifer L. Stewart MS
Joshua Tepera MS
Alyssa J. Vigil BS
Samantha M. Worden MS
Wyatt T. Yenney BS
Bailey Young BA

Green River

Joseline Alatorre BS
Morgan D. Asay MS
Samuel A. Bayles BSCP
Karson J. Beutel BS
Matthew Danzl BS
Timothy L. Dodd BSCS
Hailey J. Finstad BS
Jessica Lynn Flores MA
Justin R. Flores BSB
Tate Meagan Gnose BSN
Alondra I. Hamilton BSN
Andrew J. Holcomb JD
Alyssa M. Jordan BS
Kylee Dawn Lewis MA
DeeLynn Samuel Miller BFA
Laken A. Mitchell PhRD
Madisyn L. Montoya BA
Candace B. Newmeyer BSN
Ryan J. Reyes BSB
Brittany Ann Rider CERT
Jayden Riley BSME
Christian T. Smith BSME
Michael A. Wilde BSPE

Farson, Reliance, Little America

Farson –
Keanan Foy MSW
Jason D. Lux CERT

Reliance –
Santo Domingo Santhanawit MSW
Alaura D. Tuft BS

Little America –
Brooke Benedict BS

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