The 1869 Southwest Wyoming Union Pacific grade and Piedmont Charcoal Ovens


While we were at the Evanston Wyoming train show we decided to drive the old 1869 Union Pacific grade through Piedmont Wyoming. Once a thriving little town, now a ghost town.

There are four charcoal ovens here, three are in great shape. Preservation work has been done on them and they are almost perfect. There are also several old homes and structures in “rustic” shape.

We drove the grade from I80 back to Evanston. It’s a great drivable road! Wyoming has kept it perfect as it serves several ranches. But you can tell its old grade. UP really did a great job here. Totally level, but many curves. Dozens of cuts and fills. The grade was abandoned in 1909 when the Aspen Tunnel bypassed it reducing the miles but mostly the curvature. It’s a wonderful grade to explore.


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