The Catholic Culture Podcast: Episode 4: The Marian Option


May 22, 2018

There is an easy, short, perfect and sure way to save our
failing Western civilization that is often overlooked in the
endless slew of books and articles penned by Catholic
intellectuals: Turn to Mary. Carrie Gress’s book The Marian
Option: God’s Solution to a Civilization in Crisis
reminds us
that in crisis after overwhelming civilizational crisis, Mary has
saved the day when her children had the humility and simplicity to
beg her for help. Our age is no different.

In this episode, Carrie and I discuss The Marian
, as well as her latest book, Marian Consecration
for Children
, the importance of women in the church, and the
pernicious attempts by “Catholic feminists” to remake Mary in the
image of Beyonce.

Come, Holy Spirit! Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for us!



The Marian Option

Marian Consecration for Children

Carrie’s blog, My Favorite Catholic Things

Helena Daily

Books on Marian consecration for adults:

St. Louis de Montfort: True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin

Preparation for Total Consecration According to St. Louis de
, Fr. Hugh Gillespie, S.M.M.

33 Days to Morning Glory, Fr. Michael E. Gaitley,

Other books mentioned:

The World’s First Love, Ven. Fulton J. Sheen

Jesus and His Mother, Fr. Andre Feuillet (out of print)

Ultimate Makeover: The Transforming Power of
, Carrie Gress



Carrie Gress interview

2:55 Carrie’s book panned by wacky individual

4:15 Origin of The Marian Option—nothing wrong with
Benedict, but Mary is more powerful, central and directly relevant
to contemporary challenges

9:17 The big picture of Mary’s influence on world history;
Mary’s influence on the Battle of New Orleans

10:12 Little-known intercontinental links between Marian events;
example: Our Lady of Guadalupe in the Reconquista, the conversation
of Mexico and the Battle of Lepanto

15:26 Why the Marian Option is not just an option

17:15 How cultures flourish under Mary

18:41 Why Catholic intellectuals look to their own pet projects
to save the West and not to Mary; hang-ups about private
revelation; the limits of argumentation

26:01 Carrie’s new book, Marian Consecration for
; giving children a sense of their mission here and

37:01 The influence of women on culture

40:15 The importance of women, feminine spirituality and the
Church as feminine vs. modern “feminization” of the Church

47:10 The attempts by “Catholic feminists” to make their own

53:54 “Equal” is not a useful word

55:09 Women are demonstrably unhappier under today’s
model of womanhood

57:30 Sts. John Paul II and Edith Stein on feminism

1:00:59 The dangers of trying to create Catholic versions of

1:02:48 Carrie’s new content aggregate site for Catholic women,
Helena Daily

1:07:00 Books on Marian consecration for

1:10:24 This week’s excerpt: Ven. Fulton J.

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