The Saints Haven’t Found Stability Since Drew Brees Retired


Jameis Winston #2 of the New Orleans Saints scrambles with the ball against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium on September 25, 2022 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
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The New Orleans Saints really miss Drew Brees.

While the team turned to Jameis Winston to replace Brees, he hasn’t given them stability.

However, that lack of stability isn’t only from his gameplay as of late.

There are many issues with Winston since the team named him the starting QB in 2021.

So, what are these issues the Saints are dealing with and why can’t they find a QB right for them?


Winston’s Injury Issues Are Derailing His 2022 Season

Saints fans remember the 2021 game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where Winston suffered an ACL injury.

While his 2021 season was going well before the injury, his latest injury is causing issues for him.

Winston has played games in 2022 with a transversal fracture in his back.

However, he has still played despite being in a great deal of pain, according to Lindsay Czarniak.

With his injury issues, the Saints have him listed as “doubtful” going into their game in London on Sunday.

This leads to a likely start by Andy Dalton in their game, marking the fifth QB to start since Brees retired.

While Brees brought stability to the Saints’ QB position, the team now is a free fall with who’s playing at QB.


Inconsistency At QB Ruined Saints Playoff Chances In 2021

The injury to Winston in 2021 stopped an otherwise potential playoff year.

Before his injury, the team was 4-2 while finishing their Week 8 matchup at 5-2, the week Winston was injured in.

They then finished the season 9-8 without him, meaning they only won four games that he didn’t start.

Between COVID-19 and poor quarterback play, the Saints used three other QBs that season.

While some of the shifting at quarterback wasn’t preventable, it created instability at the position.

Without a consistent player quarterbacking the team, they never got to gel on offense.

It led to the end of their four-year streak of playoff appearances.

However, the Saints almost made a huge mistake in the offseason with whom they wanted as their QB.


Saints Almost Made A Trade For Deshaun Watson

At the start of the NFL 2022 offseason, many teams got involved in the Deshaun Watson sweepstakes.

However, it was shocking to see the Saints in the running to get the now-suspended QB.

But in the end, Watson chose the Cleveland Browns.

While the Saints might have thought Watson was the better choice at some point, they avoided a disaster by not getting him.

With Watson, the team might have seen a QB they could rely on.

However, more instability was the potential outcome for the Saints, which they already have now.

But this year they have Dalton to help replace their injured starting QB.

While Dalton isn’t in the league of some of the best quarterbacks, he can manage a game.

The question is if he can still manage a team or if he’s too far gone to be of any help.

This Sunday might answer all those questions, as the Saints seek stability at the QB position.

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