Tiki Adventure Slot Machine from Konami Gaming


The Tiki Adventure slot machine is a progressive jackpot series from Konami Gaming, and based on their popular Treasure Lounge. Tiki Stacks rise to random heights and award the credit amounts they cover, and there are random multipliers and bonuses. During the Tiki Rise feature, Tikis “rise up” across the reels to award additional prizes and features. During Tiki Drop, Tikis will fall onto the existing stacks and make them higher, awarding more prizes!

As players spin, they watch the Tiki stacks rise to the top of the reels where they will trigger one of the wheel bonuses with guaranteed awards! And the number of wheels activated is based on the extra credit bet selected by the player on the button panel. The Tiki Adventure slot is on casino floors now!

Konami has released the Tiki Adventure slot, which is live on select casino floors right now! This is a 5 reel game where the players try to build their stacks of Tikis on the reels. As the stacks of Tikis gets taller, they reach the wheel bonuses located at the top of the reels, triggering the feature and awarding wins!

There are a couple of things to watch for with Tiki Adventure: First is the Tiki Rise feature, where the stacks of Tikis randomly rise up the reels, covering more of the prizes and awarding them to the player. The Tiki Drop feature is similar, with the obvious exception that the Tikis will fall. They still increase the stacks, however, and players still win as they do!

The Tiki Adventure slot machine is based on Konami’s popular Treasure Lounge, which was one of their first games to move into a more experimental direction with their games. Players loved it, and now Tiki Adventure builds on that platform. This new game employs many of the same mechanics, including the Tiki Rise and Tiki Drop. It also borrows on the Wheel Bonus!

Players should be able to fin the Tiki Adventure slot game at one of their favorite casinos! And be sure to check out other video reviews for Konami slots, like the Majestic Moon Triple Sparkle and the Diamond Trails Ocean Winnings, right here on this website!

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