True Troupe Loves Bringing Theatre To Our Community in Cheyenne, Wyoming


Adri True is a Realtor, Entrepreneur, and the owner of the True Troupe Theatre Company here in Cheyenne!

The True Troupe’s main goal is to bring art and entertainment to people who may not normally get to enjoy the theatre. They are a found space company, meaning they travel around to various places sharing their productions. From traditional theatre spaces, to outdoor areas, the True Troupe loves sharing their shows with the community!

Adri remarks that one of the fun things about being a found space theatre company is the effect of the environment on the audience. By incorporating various settings, each audience gets to experience something new. Ranging from coffee shops to meeting rooms, Adri loves bringing art into these places.

Adri is living out one of her dreams by impacting the community with art. She loves doing and viewing art, and it’s one of her passions to have Cheyenne experience this creativity. She says that storytelling has always been a great way for people to connect.

For more information on the True Troupe, visit them at If you have any real estate questions, be sure to reach out to Adri True at 307.287.7320, or!


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