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Vladimir Putin is facing “humiliation” in Ukraine after making the “big mistake” of “provoking the democratic bear”, according to a war reporter.

John Sweeney, who has spent months reporting from Kyiv, said the Russian President underestimated the Ukrainians with his invasion.

The former BBC journalist, who charts Putin’s rise to power in new book Killer in the Kremlin, said he had “absolutely no doubt” Ukraine will win if the West “holds its nerve” and keeps up support and weapons.

Mr Sweeney told “The great mistake he’s made is to think that Ukrainians would fall over.

“And actually one of beautiful things about this terrible and stupid and brutal war is the idea that actually do not provoke the democratic bear and that’s what Putin’s done, it’s a big mistake.

“So long as the West holds its nerve then I think the Ukrainians can beat them.

“The Russian army’s spirits are low, the Ukrainian spirit is high, they are defending their homes.

“I believe the Ukrainians can stop the killing machine, push it back and that they can win.”


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