Ukraine news latest: Putin losing his grip as UK says Russia’s ‘churn’ of generals shows ‘cracks are forming in Kremlin’


US support for Ukraine ‘ironclad’ in 2023

The United States ambassador for Ukraine, Bridget A. Brink, took to Twitter today to promise support to Ukraine in 2023.

Sharing a video, Brink said: “During these darkest days of the year, Russia continues to try to extinguish Ukraine’s light.

“In spite of the Kremlin’s brutality, its atrocities and its attempts to deprive you of heat and comfort, your courage and perseverance have only burned brighter.

“The spirit of Ukraine continues to inspire the world in our shared pursuit of a better future.

“You have shown time and again that you will not be stopped by the Kremlin’s cruelty. This, among so much else drives, our enduring belief that Ukraine will prevail.

“The American people see all you are willing to sacrifice in the fight for your freedom and your country.

“Your determination strengthens our resolve, and as we approach the New Year, I want to assure you that our commitment to Ukraine is ironclad.

“We will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with you as partners and friends in 2023. And I wish you a peaceful and victorious New Year.”

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