USS WYOMING – A World of Warships rookie takes it for a spin


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Major General: Wilbrod Smith

Colonel: Kyler Mansinne, Nicholas Roe, Carson Horn, Andrew Sweets

Majors: Glenn Wade, Bin Patron, Dissi, Bert Boyce, DrinkBeerSaveWater, Graham Brown, Gustav Kuriga, Oxlorne

Captains: Matthew Donovan, Zack Mills, Arne, Alec Cummings, Keith Cripe, Peter Gadja, KG, Jim O’Haire, Abraham Ash, Matt Wilson, Troy VanStrydonk, Christopher Jones, Roma Aeterna, TDubs, Terrence Hickman, Michael Barnes Jr., Adalic, Doug Wittenberg, Obreezy, Ben Clubb, D Benji. and Scott Aaron

world of warships


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