UW Stage Combat – International talent show University of Wyoming 2008 – Last Angle


My friend Ben found this last recording of our fight from a somewhat different angle while going through his old tapes. He insisted to have it posted on youtube so here it is.

This is a stage combat fight (rapier and dagger) we performed on Mars (or April) 2008 for a university talent show.

We did NOT choreographed this fight: this fight was learned during months of a stage combat class, taught by Leigh Selting at the University of Wyoming. We did, however, add some moves of our own here and there.
Please note that we are beginners (or at least for me, my partner has been working as a professional stunt man for some years) and had been doing stage combat for only a couple of months, so this is way not as impressive as other stage combat videos you will find on youtube. Sorry about the poor acting and the minor flaws that happened live on stage but hey, those things happen!
And thanks for the person who gave us the costumes for that performance: kuddos to him, the final result is way better thanks to them!

Music: Fahrenheit (Choir) by Immediate Music


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