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Sheridan, W.Y., Oct. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WEFI, the crypto utility token that is poised to disrupt the DeFi space, is opening  pre-launch of its tokens on November 15th, 2022 on wefitoken.com. 

WEFI Crypto Utility Token

WEFI is a blockchain-powered project aimed at bringing greater utility and stability to cryptocurrency investments by rewarding long-term holders. WEFI is introducing investors to next-gen concepts like hold-to-earn and royalty rewards.  

What makes WEFI unique is the combination of WEFI Loans – a specialty financier providing capital to real estate investors – and the WEFI Hybrid Royalty Platform – which rewards long-term holders while stabilizing the token’s price.

Ways to Monetize 

Seven percent of the value of all sell transactions performed on Pancake Swap, a decentralized exchange, will be distributed to existing token holders in proportion to their holdings. This is executed internally through WEFI token’s smart contracts on every transaction in real time.

Fifty percent of tokens are allocated to incentivize long term investing. The tokens enter into royalty financing arrangements by funding WEFI Lending’s pool in exchange for 100% of all interest payments received.  The monthly royalty payments are then distributed to token holders as a Royalty Reward.

Ways to grow 

To help maintain a stable price, 1.5% of every sell transaction goes into the liquidity pool. Then 1.0% is used to buy back and burn tokens to reduce the supply, thus making the token deflationary.  Lastly, 0.5% is used to grow the WEFI community through marketing initiatives.

WEFI has allocated 10% of outstanding tokens to fueling growth by periodically adding liquidity when the token price is on an upswing. This protects the token price from major fluctuations by reducing volatility. When the token price is lower, WEFI buys back and burns tokens by sending them to a burn wallet. This makes the token deflationary and increases the token price.

Ways WEFI stands out

WEFI prioritizes transparency and security on its path to becoming a token leader in the crypto world.  WEFI’s code has been submitted for review and verified  by one of the most reputable and credible smart contract auditors in the world. 

Upon receiving their Certificate from SOLID Proof, WEFI’s founders and developers renounced ownership of the smart contract.  This leaves the contract without an owner, which means “only owner” functions do not exist. This eliminates any security or rug pull risks by the developers.

WEFI is also locking the initial liquidity amount on Pancake Swap for 18 months. This reassures investors that the founders will not run away with the funds.

Ways to participate in the presale

To buy tokens in the Presale, visit the presale page directly. Interested parties can also visit wefitoken.com and select Presale in the menu or click any of the Buy Now buttons.

Presale:  www.wefitoken.com/presale
Website:  www.wefitoken.com

Media contact:  damien@wefitoken.com

Email / phone:  443-846-2471

Source: wefitoken.com/

Sheridan, W.Y.

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