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The Law Office of Christina L. Williams owner and lead attorney Christina L. Williams is featured in this video about what constitutes self defense in Wyoming.

Learn about your legal rights in Wyoming and what you can do as a citizen to protect your legal rights.

If you prefer to read, rather than watch the video, here’s the script:
So everyone is entitled to defend themselves if they are being involved in any sort of altercation and it’s always a reasonableness consideration that is based on the facts and circumstances of the altercation. Did the person act reasonable, did they reasonably believe that they were being attacked, and did they defend themselves with a reasonable amount of force? You can also defend others and again the court looks at the reasonableness factor even if the person is the primary aggressor and retreats and then is brought back into the altercation they can use self-defense. All of this is looked at by the court or by a jury and so it’s not an exact answer it’s defiantly dependent of the circumstances of the altercation.

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