Why Lil Nas X Had to Turn Down an Invite To a Beyoncé Party


Lil Nas X is a proud member of the Beyhive.

In addition to performing a Beyoncé tribute in the middle of his shows, the “Montero” rapper admitted he was almost tempted to skip out on one of his own concerts to hang with the Single Ladies singer.

“I’ve actually been invited to come to one of her Renaissance parties and that was super dope,” he told E! News exclusively on Oct. 21. “I think it was on the day of one of the shows and I was like, “do I completely leave my fans stranded and don’t come to the show to see Beyoncé or not,’ but you know I couldn’t.”

He added, “Some time though for sure.”

While he would never leave his fans high and dry, Lil Nas X, 23, does have Beyonce’s Renaissance on repeat, telling E! News that the album makes him feel “liberated,” adding that the tracks ‘Church Girl” and Heated” resonate with him the most.

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