Women in Wyoming Revisited: Part I


Lindsay Linton Buk is the artist and creator of “Portraits and Interviews of Women Who Shape the West.” Panelists will explore conversations about reinvention and growth to honor, celebrate and learn how many of the women featured in the exhibition and multi-media project that started in 2016 have evolved during this transformative time.

Join us for two separate opportunities to connect with the inspiring thought leaders featured in “Women in Wyoming” who have touched the lives of many in Wyoming and beyond. March 11 will feature Nina and Nimi McConigley, Marilyn Kite, and Aura Newlin.

Since the early 1900s women across the world have been gathering, marching and demanding equality. March is “Women’s History Month” and a time to reflect on the extraordinary accomplishments of women in shaping our country’s history. This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is “Challenge to Change.”


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