World of Warships — How To Wyoming — Top Tips — Tier 4 Battleship Guide —


World of Warships — How To Wyoming — Top Tips — Tier 4 Battleship Guide —

Hey! Today we are going to be Continuing our How To series in World of Warships. We will be Continuing with the American Battleship line as i fill that the line is one of the best to get to grips with wows and that they are fairly easy to play.

Now i know some of you are going to say that the German Battleships are best to start of with! But i feel that the American Battleships make you learn the necessary skills to be successful in World of Warships….How to Angle your Armour, Not showing broadside,Map Awareness as these ships are slow as hell till tier 8 so you need to plan ahead and finally not over extending.

So we will be Moving on to the Tier 4 American Battleship the Wyoming. We will talk briefly about the ships history, then take a look at her stats. Go over the recommend upgrades and modules, then move on to a replay and talk about the game and how to sail her.

Hope you Enjoy..!

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