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Happy 4th of July! We hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday weekend! 4th of July is always a special holiday for us, because it is just 2 days before our wedding anniversary! This year we celebrate 21 years of marriage and the fact that Jess has been married to Corey longer than she hasn’t in her lifetime! 😃

We love looking back at some of our favorite 4th of July’s and anniversaries on the road. Some of our favorite 4th’s have been celebrating in Ten Sleep, Wyoming, with a full weekend including a rodeo and shutting down the entire town for fireworks. Last year in Ouray, Colorado was another favorite with our friends, Alan and Heather, who shared their amazing town with us. The fireworks echoing through the box canyon was incredible and the jets flying over the parade was unlike anything we have seen before.

Our favorite anniversary on the road was our first one in the RV on our way up to Alaska at Liard Hot Springs in Canada. We got up early and had the entire hot springs to ourselves. The mama and baby moose were an extra magical bonus!

Back to our trip up the Outer Banks – we get to explore more of Ocracoke, South Carolina, including the local grocery store and SmacNally’s Waterfront Bar & Grill which was delicious! We also got to see Ocracoke Lighthouse, the 2nd oldest lighthouse in the US!

Stay tuned for the next episode where we try to get on another ferry to Hatteras Island! Be sure to like and subscribe and click on the bell icon for notifications when we release new videos!

Don’t wait to live your life, find your 🔆SOMEDAY🔆 now!

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