Oh Why Oh Wyoming, this is what I imagined upon “Wyoming”, Tony Wiseguy with a new guest. I somehow starting to work on “Rice Ketchup” (1989). No time to say anything but I have to go to school to daydream all about my plans for every skit. Seriously, I have like a billion skits to plan. Somehow shows up Luna Arbuckle, a newer character I created with her brother Andrew Arbuckle, but her face is not shown. It would show up in a later skit, definitely NOT like Dream’s face reveal! I’m perhaps going to work on DATA 1 season 2, The Paperio Show, and The Unknown Show premiering pretty soon. Yes, Niobrara is a place in Wyoming. Plus, I’m taking down the Deaths In A Nutshell videos, and the 13+ video about my brother because they’re WAY TOO DODGY. I’m making the Reactions for Jremmie playlist private so I could pick Jremmie to watch the videos.

Music: https://youtu.be/oP7CpZOCUww

Softwares: SNOW, VITA



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