Wyoming County officials say issues with 500 ballots were quickly resolved


WARSAW, N.Y. (WKBW) — 7 News learned of some ballot scanning issues in Wyoming County on Election Day.

Election officials tell us some newer machines were rejecting some of the ballots. 7 News travelled to the Wyoming County Board of Elections to find out what went wrong and how the problem was resolved.

Election staff say usually after a ballot is filled out, it’s processed by a machine, but Republican Election Commissioner Jim Schlick says some ballots were turned down by newer machines.

He says the issues were with the printed ballots and HE believes the newer machines didn’t recognize them, so they were rejected.

Schlick says, “when the machine is back up running 2 inspectors— one Democrat, one Republican— would take them out of here and scan them.”

Schlick says about 500 ballots were rejected at first, but the issue was quickly resolved and all the ballots were counted.

Schlick also tells 7 News the remaining absentee ballots, which had to be postmarked by election day, will be counted through next Tuesday.

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