Wyoming Republican senator says there are ‘not that many Democrats’ in the state who could help Cheney win her GOP primary


A Republican senator from Wyoming said Rep. Liz Cheney has “a lot of work to do” to win her upcoming primary on August 16.

Cheney, a Republican representing Wyoming’s at-large district since 2017, has been on the outs with the GOP due to her involvement with the January 6 Committee, where she serves as vice chairwoman.

“Wyoming politics is very personal,” Barrasso said. “It’s face-to-face. It’s town to town, and as you know, Liz and I disagree. I voted against the impeachment of President Trump. She was for it. I voted against the partisan January 6 commission. She’s all in on that.”

Former President Donald Trump has thrown his support behind Hageman, who has echoed his debunked claims about widespread voter fraud altering the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

“Now the election isn’t for another month,” Barrasso told Fox News. “The travel that I have done around the state, I think she has a lot of work to do if she hopes to win the primary.”

Cheney has reportedly drawn Democratic donors thanks to her role on the January 6 Committee. Her campaign turned to Democrats, mailing instructions to voters in the red state on how to switch parties to vote for her.

But Barrasso cast doubt that Democrats could help Cheney in her tough reelection challenge against a Trump-backed primary opponent.

“There’s really not that many Democrats out there,” he said. “Even the chairman of the Democratic Party said there are not enough Democrats to do that.”

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