Wyoming's "Ragtime Cowboy Joe"


FS #164; FSV 153.
OKAY! This is the final fight song I have for the Mountain West Conference before the “Big Expansion” (This is when more than two schools are going to join the conference in the summer of 2012). Yes, Wyoming has the least population in the all the 50 States, the second sparsest (2nd least dense in pop. density), and therefore, has only one school participating in NCAA Division 1 athletics. This school is located in Laramie, Albany County (To those outside of Wyoming, surprise! It is NOT in Laramie County, so it’s not in the Cheyenne Metro Area.)

For this school’s fight song, yes, it’s a hard one because it is fast. Grant Clarke, Lewis F. Muir, and Maurice Abrahams composed the song in 1912. Initially, this song was for the radio, and the state, instead of Wyoming was Arizona, but variations do exist. (UC-Davis does use this song and uses “California” as the state.) I will admit that you will have to practice here if you want to sing the whole lyrics, but usually, the students there don’t sing; instead, they joyfully stand and clap to the beat. Additionally, they do say the light brown words that will appear after the second playing of the tune on this vid (but they will more likely shout, “Yes Run!” at their cue.)

Hope you like. Remember the youTube rules and my rule about commenting if you’re regularly listening to my fight song sing-a-longs.


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