12 Real Ways To Get Paid To Watch Netflix in 2024

Watching Netflix is fun as it has abundant exclusive content and many of the best movies and shows. Many households use the streaming app several hours per week, and getting paid to watch Netflix is possible.

Companies are happy to pay you to see which programs you enjoy the most to help generate future content ideas. Here’s a look at how you can enjoy watching Netflix and earn a few extra dollars.

How to Make Money By Watching Netflix

There are several intriguing ways to earn a side income by streaming videos through this media app.

1. Become a Netflix Tagger

Becoming a Netflix tagger is the sole way to get paid directly from the streaming giant. Admittedly, openings for this position are a rarity, but you can check on the Netflix Jobs page, which includes remote and location-based options.

As a tagger, you watch movies and shows to assign category tags. Your efforts help the algorithm recommend similar content for users to add to their video queue. Online reports indicate this remote job can earn approximately $30,000 annually by working part-time.

Additionally, you can look for openings at Netflix and similar video-watching opportunities at FlexJobs. This online database lists full-time, part-time, and freelance positions from well-known companies across most industries.     

2. Make Closed Captions

Drafting closed captions or foreign language subtitles is another engaging way to earn a part-time income. The streaming platform doesn’t hire closed captioners directly, although it may outsource projects to independent transcription services.

Rev is an excellent opportunity to produce closed captions for videos and earn up to $1.10 per video minute. Translating subtitles can help you earn as much as $3 per video minute, depending on the task and language.

As a freelance captionist, you can accept projects meshing with your schedule and interests. It’s also possible to work with several companies, thus making it easier to earn a consistent income. You will start with basic projects and qualify for more complex assignments as you gain experience and demonstrate proficiency with minimal errors.

3. MobileXpression

MobileXpression is one of the most effortless ways to earn extra money. You install free software for your Android or iOS device and use it as usual. This platform silently shares your viewing history and device usage habits with market research companies. Your details remain anonymous while helping brands learn more about their core customers.

You will earn five credits each week your account is active on your phone. Requesting Amazon gift cards, PayPal Cash, and other select gift cards with a $5 or $10 balance is possible. Typically, you can achieve the minimum redemption every six weeks.

It’s possible to use other apps like MobileXpression that can pay more when you complete qualifying activities. Most of these apps pay you for shopping and completing other micro-tasks when you’re not watching your favorite Netflix content. 

I use this platform to easily earn points since I don’t have to spend my free time completing short tasks or making purchases. You can also receive a small signup bonus to request your initial payment sooner. 

Learn more by reading our MobileXpression Review.

4. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

The Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is another relatively effortless way to make money by anonymously sharing your device usage history. 

You can earn up to $60 annually in gift cards and PayPal by installing the free software on your computers, phones, and tablets. Gift card redemptions start at $5. As a result, you can cash out several times throughout the year.

In addition to being a passive income app, you can complete surveys to earn bonus points to cash out sooner. You will also earn game tokens to participate in instant win games with a $500 monthly top prize.

5. Media Rewards

Earn points when you stream TV, YouTube, and listen to radio ads after installing Media Rewards to your Android or iOS device. The app automatically runs in the background to measure your media consumption and awards a corresponding number of reward points.

At the end of the month, each point gains an entry into the monthly prize draw of $50, $100, or $1,000. Frequent users can receive survey invites that help you earn gift cards. 

This app is a fun way to make money watching videos without much effort as you enter the prize giveaway just by having an active account. However, you must complete surveys to receive guaranteed payments. As a result, casual Netflix watchers may prefer other side hustles for consistent income.

6. Record Netflix Reviews 

Starting a movie review channel or podcast can be an engaging opportunity to reach fans waiting to see the latest release. Your channel can help subscribers looking for something new to watch and want to learn more before deciding if a particular movie or show is worth their time.

YouTube is one of the best places to record movie reviews, as it’s one of the world’s largest video platforms. It’s free to start a channel, and you can start collecting ad revenue and viewer donations as your audience grows.

Further, consider recording short snippets on TikTok. This up-and-coming video app is a popular destination for short and long uploads. You can start earning royalties as your audience size grows. 

Trying multiple platforms can help you see which place helps you grow an audience and gain traction with viewer engagement the quickest.    

7. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an exciting get-paid-to (GPT) site with multiple ways to make money from short online tasks. You might see occasional offers to earn bonus cash back when signing up for a new Netflix account.

However, you’re more likely to qualify for surveys focusing on your TV viewing habits that can pay several dollars for an extended study. Many paid studies are entertainment-focused and ask how many hours of content you watch daily. Further, they want to know which shows or movies you streamed.

Other ways to earn points is by completing shopping offers, playing games, and signing up for product trials. Amazon gift cards are available with a $1 rewards balance. PayPal Cash and most gift cards require a $5 balance.

This is one of my favorite side hustle apps because of the low minimum redemptions and multiple ways to earn rewards. I regularly receive “Swag Ups” to earn bonus points on qualifying purchases or by completing a minimum number of surveys. 

Learn more by reading our Swagbucks Review.

8. InboxDollars

InboxDollars provides multiple ways to make money online with short tasks. You can get paid to watch videos, sign up for streaming platforms, and answer video-related surveys. Offers may periodically involve Netflix, and having an active subscription can help you qualify for higher-paying studies.

You will receive an instant $5 signup bonus when joining this site. Many offers are free; you can play games and complete other challenges to participate in instant-win cash drawings. 

The minimum redemption is $15 for your first-time redemption and $25 for subsequent withdrawals. Payment options include PayPal Cash and gift cards.   

Learn more by reading our InboxDollars Review.

9. Survey Junkie

Consider Survey Junkie when you want to boost your earning potential by answering surveys. You can complete multiple studies daily that earn between $0.50 and $3, depending on the topic. 

Additionally, you can install the SJ Pulse app and browser extension to share your viewing history and which products you shop for. Your usage habits can help you qualify for exclusive surveys about which shows and movies you watch. This optional program enables you to earn a few extra dollars each month.

The minimum redemption starts at $5 for gift cards and PayPal Cash. It is one of the best survey apps, with many high-paying surveys and competitive payout options. You may also like having more ways to influence product decisions through your opinions and digital media interaction.

Learn more by reading our Survey Junkie Review.

10. Edubirdie

Edubirdie occasionally hires Netflix and Amazon Prime watchers to review a show series. Smart Watchers will view at least three episodes from ten series available on the streaming platform. The freelancer chooses five series, and Edubirdies chooses the other five to watch.

The review process includes a questionnaire and online test to gauge how the show impacts watchers and how well they remember the content. 

This platform requires more effort and is a compelling option for binge-watching. While you exert more effort, you can make $1,000, notably more than most rewards platforms.

11. Write Movie Reviews

Starting a blog is another fun way to share your opinion with the streaming community looking for more details beyond what’s available on the show page. Writing Netflix reviews gives you more liberty to personalize your assessment through words and videos. 

Blogging can also be a suitable medium if you’re camera-shy or don’t want to spend much time editing videos or podcasts containing similar material. Your movie review blog can cover other streaming platforms and theatrical releases so that you can reach a wider audience.

For example, I like reading show reviews instead of watching recap videos to scour the sections that I find essential without listening to an entire episode.

Additionally, you can monetize your blog with ad revenue, affiliate links, and sponsorships. It takes time to build an audience but the pay potential is more than a micro-task site.. 

12. Sell Netflix Merchandise

Pop culture is a viable way to create and sell merchandise that fans want to wear in public, decorate their home, or gift to friends. Consider designing t-shirts and small products. 

CafePress and Redbubble are two platforms that let you create an online store with products you design. Platforms may have licensing rights for a particular series, so you can make branded clothing and lifestyle accessories using free design software.

In addition to having many design options, customers may commission you to create personalized products. The beauty of these sites is that they will print and ship the item to the buyer, similar to a dropshipping service, so you don’t have to purchase and store inventory before it sells. 

How Much Money Can You Make by Watching Netflix?

Realistically, you will only earn a few dollars each month as most apps are passive and don’t work directly with Netflix. It’s enough to help offset the subscription fee and an easy way to make money at home.

Here are some examples of how much you can make each month from the various viewing options:  

  • Closed captioning apps: Earn approximately $1 per video minute, meaning a 30-minute episode earns $30. An experienced captioner can reportedly earn as much as $15 per minute, but these opportunities are relatively rare. 
  • Data sharing apps: Up to $5 per month, although you only need to keep the app active and claim the weekly credits. 
  • Get-paid-to sites: From $5 to $100 monthly. You will earn more if you frequently take surveys or engage in product offers that may require a purchase.
  • Survey apps: From $5 to $100 monthly, depending on how many surveys you answer each day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are several factors to consider as you compare how to make money by watching Netflix in your free time.

Is Netflix Tagger a real job?

The streaming app periodically offers part-time remote jobs on its career page. However, you must check the website often to see if the company is currently advertising openings and accepting applications.

Is Netflix hiring someone to watch Netflix all day?

At unannounced intervals, Netflix will hire taggers to earn a part-time income while working from home. The company is also hiring for many other full-time positions, but they may not necessarily involve watching content for fun. 

Can we get paid for watching Netflix?

The easiest way to watch Netflix for money is by installing a data-sharing app like Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel, which pays you up to $60 per year to see which shows, ads, and non-Netflix products you interact with. 

You can also produce product reviews and make captions or subtitles as a freelancer. These opportunities can earn a part-time income. However, there are fewer paid opportunities, and you may need to complete projects for other streaming platforms too. 


You won’t get rich by watching Netflix as a money-making idea. Still, every little bit helps, and you have fun watching your favorites and exploring new options.

Frequent streamers can earn a competitive rate by using their skills to review and caption new releases. If you love watching movies and shows, why not get paid to watch Netflix?

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