15 Best Cafes in Hanoi (Laptop Friendly)

Let’s talk about the 15 best cafes in Hanoi. In addition to the almost never-ending list of things to do, the coffee culture scene is huge in Vietnam and there are many fantastic coffee houses and cafes perfect for working on a laptop in Hanoi.

I recently spent a month living and working remotely from Vietnam’s capital city. It’s an awesome place that’s vibrant and alive with a mixture of culture, history, and modern amenities that rightly make it a top tourist destination.

Best Cafes and Coffee Shops in Hanoi

hanoi housing, yellow buildings set beside a riverhanoi housing, yellow buildings set beside a river

I love coffee, and as a digital nomad, I’m always on the lookout for remote working locations to set up my laptop. I’ve compiled this list based on my experiences hopping around many Hanoi cafes. I’m looking for great working environments, excellent coffee, and good food options; here are my top 15 spots based on these criteria.

1. Blackbird Coffee (Best Cafe in Hanoi Overall)

indoor plants beside a coffee machineindoor plants beside a coffee machine

There are so many to choose from but I had to pick one for the top spot! I’ve gone for Blackbird Coffee which I found to be one of the best cafes to work from in Hanoi. It’s not the biggest cafe but there’s ample seating without it ever feeling cramped.

Set over two floors with comfortable, soft lighting, street views, and sturdy WiFi, Blackbird Coffee is a popular spot with locals and tourists alike. The regular flow of customers makes for an upbeat atmosphere that never feels too raucous.

Of course, the coffee is excellent here too. They have various brewing methods and even offer a French-Press option on the menu which is my favorite way to drink coffee. It’s a great cafe for settling down with a laptop for a few hours of work.

Blackbird Coffee Information

Address: 5 P. Chan Cam, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: +84389513053
Operating Hours: 7 am – 9 pm Mon – Sun.
Must-Try Items: Order a French press and sip you’re way through any busy assignments in a cozy but vibrant setting.
Average Cost: $1 – $3 Vietnamese and Western-style coffee, $4 – $6 lunch and dinner plates, $1 – $2 sweet treats.
Website: Blackbird Coffee – Facebook

2. Tranquil Books and Coffee (Best Remote Working Atmosphere)

laptop library remote workinglaptop library remote working

If you too love to read but live on the road, you’ll know the joy of finding a good bookstore with English books. Tranquil Books and Coffee is an excellent coffee shop in Hanoi that combines great coffee with an abundance of literature and creates an excellent remote working atmosphere.

Surrounded by towering shelves of books, in a setting that’s more akin to a library, working from here is like being back at University but with the difference of great coffee and cakes! It’s a very conducive working environment and one which many digital nomads take daily advantage of.

Tranquil Books and Coffee Information

Address: 5 P. Nguyen Quang Bich, Cua Dong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: +84395049075
Operating Hours: 8 am – 11 pm Mon – Sun.
Must-Try Items: Find your next can’t-put-down page-turner and enjoy it with a huge range of coffee options and brewing methods. They also sell cocktails and some great sweets – the cinnamon rolls are excellent.
Average Cost: $1.50 – $2.50 standard coffee, $3 – $4 specialty coffee and brewing methods, $2 sweets, $4 limited food menu.
Website: Cafe Tranquil – Facebook

3. The Note Coffee (Most Unique Cafe)

coffee being held and pastry on table coffee being held and pastry on table

There are some very unique cafes in Hanoi but The Note Coffee takes the top spot – I’ve never seen a cafe like it. Stickers, labels, and Post-it notes cover every inch of every wall and create a colorful and stunningly attractive design.

The notes, which even line the window sills and the outside of the building, tell little stories of visitors from around the world. Subsequently, The Note has become a particularly popular tourist stop for a photo opportunity and the chance to leave a new note on the iconic Hanoi cafe.

Plenty of working space, free WiFi, and top-drawer coffee and cakes means The Note is also an ideal spot for digital nomads to set up shop for the day.

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The Note Coffee Information

Address: 4 P. Luong Van Can, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: +84975194466
Operating Hours: 8 am – 10.30 pm Mon – Thurs. 8 am – 11 pm Friday. 7 am – 11 pm Sat & Sun.
Must-Try Items: Be sure to get a couple of cool photos in such a unique cafe. The individual slices of cake and freshly baked pastries are always delicious. They don’t always have macaroons but be sure to snap a few up if they do.
Average Cost: $1 – $2 coffee, teas, smoothies, frappes, and juices, $1- $2 Banh Mi (little sandwich), pastries, and cakes.
Website: The Note Coffee – Facebook

4. Hanoi Egg Coffee (Best Vietnamese Coffee)

egg coffee Vietnamegg coffee Vietnam

Egg coffee, yes, you heard me right. It’s a traditional Vietnamese drink that’s hugely popular among Hanoi locals. The best cafe in Hanoi to try it and other local coffee concoctions is Hanoi Egg Coffee.

Egg coffee consists of strong coffee topped with a creamy, frothy mixture made from egg yolks, sugar, and condensed milk. It’s certainly a different take on my usual straight-black Americano!

The cafe is a cute spot with friendly and knowledgeable staff who also offer traditional cooking and coffee-making courses onsite.

Hanoi Egg Coffee Information

Address: 8 P. Gia Ngu, Hang Bac, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi 08404, Vietnam
Phone: +84966960288
Operating Hours: 7.30 am – 10 pm Mon – Sun.
Must-Try Items: The egg coffee of course! If it’s not your thing try a Ca Phe Den, served hot or over ice it’s a short, strong, coffee similar to an espresso that can be tailored to individual preferences with sugar and different milks.
Average Cost: $2 – $2.50 Vietnamese coffees, $2 – $2.50 sandwiches, $3 – $4.50 lunch and dinner plates.

5. Coffee A (Best Balcony)

ice cream being scooped out with an ice cream scoop ice cream being scooped out with an ice cream scoop

With a decor that feels a little like stepping back in time and a sweet balcony that makes for the perfect people-watching spot, Coffee A deserves a place high up on your must-visit list.

In my opinion, it’s the best cafe in Hanoi with a view. The balcony overlooks a busy city intersection of pedestrian thoroughfares and 4-way road traffic. It’s fun to sit with a coffee and watch the chaotic Hanoi city life speed by.

Inside, Coffee A has an old-world feel to it that’s becoming less and less frequent in Hanoi’s modernizing social scene. Wooden floors, ornate features, and retro photographs give a glimpse into a bygone era. Don’t panic though, there is WiFi!

Coffee A Information

Address: 02 P. Lan Ong, Hang Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: +84913222640
Operating Hours: 8 am – 11.30 pm Mon – Sun.
Must-Try Items: Coffee A also sells delicious ice cream. I’d recommend grabbing a scoop or two on a hot day and finding a spot on the balcony to cool down and watch the world go by.
Average Cost: $1 – $2 coffees, teas, juices, smoothies, mojitos, $1 ice cream.

6. C.O.C Legacy Specialty Coffee (Best Specialty Coffee)

coffee beans roastingcoffee beans roasting

If you’re serious about good coffee be sure to visit C.O.C Legacy Specialty Coffee for the best specialty coffee in Hanoi. It’s more than just a cafe, C.O.C is on a mission to prove that Vietnamese coffee beans can compete with their foreign counterparts in taste and quality.

I’m no coffee aficionado, but I know good coffee when I taste it and C.O.C is one of the best coffee roasters in Hanoi. The cafe is cute and stylish and although the drinks are expensive by Vietnamese standards, the most expensive coffee here is still cheaper than your average drip coffee back home.

C.O.C Information

Address: 84 P. Hang Bac, within the alley, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi 11011, Vietnam
Phone: +84876775636
Operating Hours: 7 am – 10.30 pm Mon – Sun.
Must-Try Items: This is the place for specialty Vietnamese coffee. The signature drinks such as jackfruit coffee and coconut coffee are unique offerings not to be missed.
Average Cost: $2 – $3 coffees, $2 coconut cookies.

7. Coffeon Cafe (Best Dog-Friendly Cafe)

cake and coffee on a dark wooden tablecake and coffee on a dark wooden table

I was pet sitting during part of my time in Hanoi and finding cafes welcoming my temporary canine companion was not always easy. But Coffeon Cafe is a nice spot that allows well-behaved dogs and is the ideal place to chill and/or work remotely.

It has a strong Pokemon theme, which I must admit is not my thing, but it gives the cafe a colorful and fun vibe that attracts a lot of visitors. There’s a nice patio and balcony area which offers great street views and people-watching opportunities.

If you’re interested in house and pet sitting in Vietnam be sure to also read my previous article – How to Become a House Sitter in Vietnam.

Coffeon Cafe Information

Address: 13 P. Dinh Tien Hoang, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi 10000, Vietnam
Phone: +84943388663
Operating Hours: 9 am – 9 pm Mon – Sun.
Must-Try Items: A great option for vegans as there’s always an excellent selection of vegan-friendly choices available such as cinnamon rolls and banana chocolate cake. The teas and fresh fruit juices are also excellent here.
Average Cost: $1.50 – $2.50 coffees, teas, juices, smoothies, $2 cookies, cakes, and sweet treats.
Website: Coffeeon Cafe – Facebook

8. InFact Coffee and Workspace (Best Coworking Cafe)

cafe digital nomad set up with laptop and coffee placed on tablecafe digital nomad set up with laptop and coffee placed on table

A place that takes laptop-friendly cafes in Hanoi to the next level is InFact Coffee and Workspace.

The stylish setup has a professional modern office vibe while maintaining the relaxed ambiance of a cool cafe. Built with remote workers in mind, solid and free WiFi, in addition to ample suitable seating options, comes as standard.

InFact is a great location if you want to spend some dedicated working time in a comfortable and welcoming environment with good coffee readily available.

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InFact Coffee and Workspace Information

Address: 342 P. Ba Trieu, Le Dai Hanh, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi 10000, Vietnam
Phone: +84862828342
Operating Hours: 8am – 10pm Mon – Sun.
Must-Try Items: A perfect location for remote workers to set up camp for the day. The signature cold brew is a great choice for getting the creative juices flowing.
Average Cost: $2 – $3 coffees, teas, and juices.

9. Ocean Cafe
(Best Beach Cafe)

A warm but cloudy day at the beach in Ocean Park just outside of Hanoi.

In central Hanoi, you won’t find any beach cafes, because there aren’t any beaches! But if you’re up for traveling a little way out of town, you could be sat looking over pristine white sandy beaches and a tranquil blue lagoon, feeling like you’re a million miles away from the busy Hanoi streets.

It costs about $5 in a taxi to Ocean Park from Old Town and takes 30-40 minutes depending on traffic. The modern development is where I called home for most of my time in Hanoi. It’s a huge new town complex built around a man-made lake and beach.

There are lots of cool cafes around the bay, but my favorite was Ocean Cafe, it has great views of the water. It’s a very relaxing place to set up a laptop or just kick back with a coffee and enjoy some peace and quiet with the beach just steps away.

Ocean Cafe Information

Address: Hai Au 1.27 Vinhomes Ocean Park, Gia Lam, Hanoi 10000, Vietnam
Operating Hours: 7.30 am – 11 pm Mon – Sun.
Must-Try Items: Enjoy those beach views with a range of fantastic coffee options with both traditional Vietnamese and Western-style brews on the menu. The smoothies and cocktails are also very good and pretty cheap here too.
Average Cost: $1 – $2 coffees, teas, juices, smoothies, $5 – $6 cocktails.

10. Hidden Gem (Coolest Cafe)

raw vegan salad with carrots, beets, lettuce and grainsraw vegan salad with carrots, beets, lettuce and grains

If you’re looking for a cool coffee shop in Hanoi, I recommend heading straight for Hidden Gem. It’s a cafe that has so much going on decoration-wise that I’ll struggle to do it justice in a few paragraphs. Click this link and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s a great environment for a casual coffee, a few hours of work, or even cocktails in the evening. They also have a small and concise menu of healthy and affordable food options.

Hidden Gem is in a great location; close to several of Hanoi’s biggest attractions like St Joseph’s Cathedral and Old Town. It’s the perfect rest and refueling stop no matter the time of day you decide to stop by.

Hidden Gem Information

Address: 1 Hang Mam, Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: +84962011540
Operating Hours: 7 am – 10 pm Mon – Sun.
Must-Try Items: There’s a nice mix of standard and not-so-standard coffees to try but the food here is good. The Eco Kitchen makes excellent pork spring rolls, a very tasty vegan salad, and delicious sandwiches (Banh Mi).
Average Cost: $1 – $2 coffees, teas, juices, smoothies, beers, $2 – $4 cocktails, $2 – $3 food options.

11. Loading T Cafe (Most Grand)

latte coffee flat white with latte art in leaf designlatte coffee flat white with latte art in leaf design

You’ll struggle to find a more spectacular cafe than Loading T in Hanoi. The entire place screams the class and sophistication of a bygone era as huge pillars climb to the ceiling and elaborate beautifully patterned tiles decorate the floor.

It’s the kind of place that cares about the kind of porcelain your coffee is served in. The little features and touches amongst the mostly exposed brick decor make it a very comfortable and inviting place to spend a good amount of time.

Despite all this grandeur, Loading T is a friendly and casual place. The prices are a little higher than in some places but it’s worth it for the fabulous setting.

Loading T Cafe Information

Address: 8 P. Chan Cam, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: +84903342000
Operating Hours: 8am – 6pm Mon – Sun.
Must-Try Items: The balcony seats offer great street views and are a great spot for people watching, be quick they usually get snapped up. There are some interesting coffee concoctions to try, like Banana Coffee, Yoghurt Coffee, and Lime Coffee.
Average Cost: $2 – $3 coffees, teas, ice-blended drinks, $1 – $2 bakery treats.

12. Hidden Alley (Best Kept Secret)

A bartender making a cocktailA bartender making a cocktail

As the name suggests, you will truly have to search for Hidden Alley – it took me a few attempts to find it! But I’m certainly glad I did. It’s a very cool place tucked away down an alley and then up a not-so-obvious flight of stairs.

It has a great rooftop seating area which offers some spectacular views of the city. Inside, the decor and vibe lean more towards that of a speakeasy, and in fact, cocktails are served after 6 pm. But, during the day it’s a nice relaxing location to work from and the coffee options are excellent.

Hidden Alley Information

Address: No. 9B P. Bao Khanh, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam
Phone: +84944529643
Operating Hours: 8 am – 11 pm Mon – Sun.
Must-Try Items: Arrive before 11 am and save 10% on the food options. If you’ve had your fill of coffee, switch to tea – the Cinnamon Orange and Lemon Jasmine options are two of my favorites.
Average Cost: $1.50 – $3 coffees, teas, mocktails, and cocktails.

13. All Day Coffee (Best Slice of Back Home)

Delicious Slice of Carrot Cake on a plateDelicious Slice of Carrot Cake on a plate

If you like coffee served in a thick mug, big slices of cake, and hearty sandwiches then All Day Coffee is the place for you. This relaxed and comfortable Hanoi cafe gives visitors a taste of Western culture with its menu and reminds me of many independent cafes I’ve visited across the US.

The chilled vibe is great for digital nomads seeking a place to work for the day and the extensive menu range of food and drinks will comfortably see you through breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

All Day Coffee Information

Address: 37 P. Quang Trung, Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi 10000, Vietnam
Phone: +842466868090
Operating Hours: 7 am – 11 pm Mon – Sun.
Must-Try Items: The cake slices are delicious and generously portioned, my personal favorite is the banana chocolate loaf. The latte and cake combo offer between 9 am and 11 pm saves you about 30%!
Average Cost: $2 – $3 coffees and teas, $6 – $10 sandwiches and main meals, $2 – $3 cake slices.
Website: All Day Coffee – Facebook

14. Nola Cafe & Bar (Best Art Cafe)

fish tacos fish tacos

Another cafe that stamps its uniqueness on Hanoi’s cafe scene is Nola Cafe & Bar. Stepping into the labyrinth of this building is an experience unto itself. Numerous off-shoot rooms, balconies, and courtyards offer plenty of variance while enjoying a coffee or two.

Every corner is like an art gallery with new things to see and discover. Nola Cafe is a fun place to simply walk around. It’s a laptop-friendly cafe too so feel free to find an area that suits your working requirements and make it your office for the day.

Nola Cafe & Bar Information

Address: 89 P. Ma May, Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam
Phone: +84977738835
Operating Hours: 10 am – 11.30 pm Mon – Sun.
Must-Try Items: The wide selection of canapes is not to be missed. Mini fish tacos, bruschetta, and ham and cheese croquettes are just a few of the delicious choices available from brunch time onwards.
Average Cost: $1 – $2 coffees, teas, smoothies. $4 – $7 cocktails and draft beers, $2 – $3 canapes.
Website: Nola Cafe – Facebook

15. Drop In Cafe (Best Cafe on Train Street)

Waiting for the train to pass through and braving it at one of the tiny Hanoi cafes that line the tracks.

A major attraction of Hanoi is Train Street. The huge train to Ho Chi Minh City cuts through the city, passing inches from camera-ready spectators who sit at the tiny cafes that line the tracks. If this is too close for comfort, consider taking a few steps back and visiting Drop In Cafe.

There are great views of the train as it bellows through the city and you’ll benefit from being in a cafe that serves some special coffee creations. Fanisipan coffee is an indulgent delight and the coconut coffee here is one of the best I’ve tried in Hanoi.

Drop In Cafe Information

Address: 163 P. Phung Hung, Cua Dong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam
Operating Hours: 8 am – 10.30 pm Mon – Sun.
Must-Try Items: Watch the train cut through Hanoi whilst trying a few different coffee options. The Fansipan coffee and coconut coffee are two excellent drinks on the menu worth a try.
Average Cost: $1 – $2 coffees, teas, juices, hot chocolates, $1 – $2 croissants and assorted baked goods.
Website: Drop In Cafe – Facebook

Coffee Tours in Hanoi

If you’re interested in delving deeper into Hanoi’s coffee scene and learning more about the traditional side of Vietnamese coffee then there are a few excellent tours and activities to take a look at;

Hanoi Egg Coffee Making Course

The iconic Vietnamese coffee is a creamy and indulgent treat. Learn how to make it yourself and discover its history and importance to Vietnamese people. The class comes with a free snack and is an enjoyable and informative way to spend a morning in Hanoi. Click here to book your class.

Hanoi Coffee Workshop

A handful of coffee bean being grabbedA handful of coffee bean being grabbed

Go beyond just egg coffee and expand your coffee knowledge and palate with a guided tasting of 5 unique Vietnamese brews. This 3-hour class also includes pick-up and drop-off and will leave you feeling like an expert the next time you walk into a Vietnamese cafe. Click here to learn more.

Street Food and Coffee Night Time Tour

Be guided by night through Hanoi’s bustling street food scene, sampling and learning how to make numerous different dishes and Vietnamese coffees. This is a fun way to see Hanoi at night and is a great introduction to the cuisine and coffee scene in Hanoi. Click here to book your tour.

Hanoi Cafes and Coffee Shops: FAQs

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about the best cafes in Hanoi.

What are the best cafes in Hanoi?

There are many excellent cafes to choose from but two of the best coffee shops in Hanoi are Blackbird Coffee and Tranquil Books and Coffee. Both serve excellent coffees among great menu offerings and are great locations for digital nomads to work remotely.

Do you tip in Hanoi?

Tipping is not generally practiced in Hanoi. While it’s not expected, some upscale restaurants and hotels do include a 5-15% service charge in the bill. If you want to show appreciation for exceptional service, a small tip or rounding up the bill may be appreciated, but it’s not obligatory.

What neighborhood has the best cafes in Hanoi?

Hanoi’s Old Quarter has the best cafes in Hanoi. It is renowned for its cafe culture scene and offers a diverse range of traditional and modern coffee shops. The historic neighborhood is filled with narrow streets lined with cafes, each with its own unique atmosphere and specialty brews.

Does Hanoi have good coffee?

Yes, Hanoi is famous for its excellent coffee. It offers a variety of traditional Vietnamese coffee styles, such as ca phe sua (iced coffee with condensed milk) and ca phe trung (egg coffee), as well as international coffee options. The city is home to numerous cafes serving high-quality and flavorful brews.

How much is an average coffee in Hanoi?

The average coffee in Hanoi costs between $1 – $2. Although specialty coffees may cost more and traditional Vietnamese coffee from street vendors costs less, a figure under $2 buys a decent cup of coffee in most establishments.

Is coffee popular in Hanoi?

Yes, coffee is extremely popular in Hanoi. It’s deeply ingrained in the city’s culture and daily life. Locals regularly gather at cafes to socialize, conduct business meetings, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee alone or with friends. The city boasts many coffee shops, ranging from street-side stalls to trendy modern cafes.

Are laptops allowed at the coffee shops and cafes in Hanoi?

Yes, laptops are generally allowed at coffee shops and cafes in Hanoi. Many establishments provide free Wi-Fi and comfortable seating, making them popular spots for remote work or study.

In Conclusion

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m certainly ready for a coffee now. I hope this list has given you some inspiration to explore Hanoi’s extensive and vibrant cafe scene.

I loved my time in Vietnam’s capital city. It’s an exciting destination that has so much to offer visitors – especially if you’re a coffee enthusiast – and digital nomads will have no trouble finding great spots to work remotely. Enjoy Hanoi!

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