Clash of the Giants from Spadegaming • This Week in Gambling

We’re checking out the exciting Clash of the Giants online slot from our friends at Spadegaming! Two big, bad monsters reduce the city to rubble as they fight they fight it out in this medium volatility game with 6 cascading reels! Landing 4 or more scatters will trigger the Free Game Feature, where Bonus Multipliers can really add up! Clash of the Giants comes with up to 200,700 paylines and payouts close to 97%!

As two legendary beasts stir from their slumber to vie for the title of king, the city transforms into an arena of chaos. Their colossal forms clash, each earth-shaking step leaving devastation in its wake. The Giant Dinosaur unleashes atomic breath, torrents of destruction raining down, while the Giant Ape’s thunderous fists effortlessly dismantle skyscrapers. Streets crumble to rubble as terrified citizens seek shelter, bearing witness to an epic battle.

As dusk descends, casting an ominous hue over the city, the clash escalates. Both giants display immense power and destruction, leaving observers to ponder their evenly matched strength. Now, the question remains: who shall emerge victorious in this titanic struggle? And if you want to see more online game reviews right here on this website, visit our video review section.