Golden Bachelorette’s Joan Vassos Prepares for Her Rosy Journey

She continued, “This is all a little bittersweet because I’m leaving my family for seven weeks and that’s a little scary. But, you know, in the end, I could come back and maybe have the love of my life and someone to share my great life with.”

When it comes to looking ahead at her Golden Bachelorette journey, Joan is coming prepared for any scenario thrown her way.

“I’m a little embarrassed but look, I have an entire suitcase full of shoes,” she explained. “I have no idea what the weather is like in California at this time of year, so I’m bringing a huge variety of clothes. I’m going to admit to you that I actually have three full suitcases, which is ridiculous.”

Despite the reluctance to be away from her family in Maryland for nearly two months, Joan added that she won’t be fully away from them as they will join her for “a couple days and shoot some promos.” 

“I’m so proud of them,” she gushed, “and it gives me a couple more days with them.”

In the caption of her post, Joan expressed her feelings about her upcoming new adventure. “Excited, nervous, and overpacked… but, mostly ready to get this golden journey started,” she wrote. “Feeling all the feels as I pack up to start my next chapter at the Bachelor Mansion.”

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