Is MobileXpression Legit? My 2024 Review

You may find MobileXpression an intriguing side income idea that requires minimal effort to earn a few extra bucks. This side hustle app only has you install software on your phone and then you can make money by using your device as normal.

It’s possible to earn gift cards several times per year without spending time answering surveys, watching videos, and other short yet repetitive online tasks.

Is it too good to be true? I tested the app and will share my experience with this MobileExpression review.


MobileXpression is an effortless way to earn $5 in gift cards or PayPal Cash every two months by sharing your device usage history. It’s free to join. While it’s easy to make money, it has a low earning potential and you must be comfortable with selling your personal data.


  • Easy and free to join
  • $5 minimum redemption
  • Gift card and PayPal rewards


  • Tracks personal data
  • Phones and tablets only
  • Low earning potential

What is MobileXpression?

mobileXpression home page

MobileXpression is a market research app that pays you in exchange for anonymously collecting your Android or iOS usage data. For example, the platform sees which apps you use and which websites you visit but doesn’t record conversations, passwords, or sensitive details.

The app primarily tracks these mobile activities:

  • Advertisements you see
  • Apps that you use
  • Products that you shop for
  • Search queries
  • Videos you watch
  • Websites you visit

I try out multiple side hustle apps and I like that this one doesn’t require much effort or advanced skills. After installing the free software, you use your device as usual. Next, you claim weekly credits that you can redeem for gift cards.

You may consider using this app if you don’t want to spend your free time completing short online tasks. While you won’t earn as much as other money-making ideas, it’s a way to make money passively as the app works in the background automatically.  

Before going further in the review, I want to be transparent and state that I have difficulty cashing out. Other users report similar problems, so it’s not uncommon. I provide more details later on in this review, but you may consider other legit side hustles to avoid potentially wasting your time.

Who Can Join?

You must be at least 18 and have an internet-capable Android or iOS device. The terms and conditions state that teens between 13 and 17 can join with parental permission. This rewards platform integrates with most phones and tablets. It is free to join.

As you share your device usage history, be sure you are comfortable with having a background app use your internet habits for market research. As a reminder, your identity and conversations remain hidden.  

How Does MobileXpression Work?

MobileXpression Home Page

First, join by providing your email and phone number. Next, install the root certificate and enable full trust to access the internet like usual from your mobile browser and installed apps. Be sure to watch the three how-to videos before going through the installation process.

MobileXpression is a virtual private network (VPN) on Android and iOS devices. You can tell when the app tracks your usage as the “VPN” icon displays on your device screen when you access the internet.

Further, you will receive a notification when your account isn’t tracking properly so you can troubleshoot and start earning credit. This happened as I disabled the service while waiting for a solution for my important apps to work with a VPN. It took two days to get a response.

After completing the setup process, you can use your phone like usual but might experience small delays when accessing websites or apps. Anticipate receiving a message at the end of the week stating that it’s time to claim your usage credits. You have seven days to claim credit as they expire at the end of the week. 

Besides the initial installation, logging into your account to claim credits is the only necessary action to earn five credits per week. As a result, it is an easy passive income idea.

Complete Surveys

While not advertised on the site, frequent users periodically receive invitations for exclusive surveys to earn bonus credits. One survey can be worth the equivalent of a weekly credit. So, it’s possible to redeem your earnings one week sooner.

The app’s terms and conditions state, “Your voluntary participation in our Panel will also allow us to send you periodic surveys.” Regularly using the app lets you qualify for paid surveys relevant to your interests and shopping habits.

As survey invitations are uncommon on this platform, the best survey apps provide the opportunity to complete multiple studies each day to earn a consistent income. 


Members can be eligible for monthly giveaways and limited-time promotions. You will receive notifications when it’s time to enter. In other cases, active members receive an automatic entry by earning credits during the entry period.

This feature is an exciting way to collect bonus cash or merchandise, but the odds of winning are slim. 

Is MobileXpression Legit?

MobileXpession is a real way to make money from your phone with little effort. There are many verified payouts, and people appreciate the small ongoing time commitment despite the low pay potential. The platform states it has awarded over $5 million in gift cards since its inception.

However, some customer reviews report difficulties accessing the internet and certain mobile apps while the root certificate is active. This is a potential problem with any VPN. I still have occasional problems with viewing images and temporarily disable the service to access select apps problem-free. 

I contacted customer support to resolve the critical usability problems, and the service provides device-specific how-to solutions. This experience was good but I find their quality lacking when I had trouble requesting payment and getting my account unlocked. Some customer reviews (but not all) related a similar experience.     

Additionally, you will want to determine if this platform drains your battery life and monthly data plan. I haven’t experienced a noticeable impact but don’t live on my phone. It may also depend on your carrier and battery health.    

MobileXpression Account Locked

I have continued to test MobileXpression after posting the original review to provide more insights. Well, my personal experience is negative and I am unable to cash out. I don’t think MobileXpression is a scam, but I’m in a similar situation as multiple negative customer reviews.

After accumulating enough credits for a $10 PayPal Cash reward, the site canceled my redemption request and froze my account. I submitted two support tickets to unfreeze my account and learn more about why it was frozen in the first place. I received the same response below both times.

“At this point we can confirm that your order was flagged and canceled by our security program. After further reviewing your account, we can confirm that you did not fulfill the necessary participation requirements needed to qualify for the incentive. Unfortunately based on your account not meeting the standards of activity and participation, we have canceled your order.

We understand your frustration regarding this matter, however our decision to cancel your order and lock your account has been made.


MobileXpression customer support response received on 2/6/2024 and 2/9/2024

Your experience can be different than mine, but I’m unaware of committing any unauthorized actions. For example, I received emails to claim the weekly participation credits and the signup bonus credits.

How Much Money Can You Make?

MobileXpression Home Page

You will earn up to 5 credits per week by using your device. For reference, you need at least 30 credits to get a $5 cashout. Therefore, you can anticipate making $5 every six weeks and approximately $40 annually.

This earning potential is similar to other data-sharing apps. You won’t get rich but it’s one of the easiest ways to make extra money.

Additionally, you get to make money in the background while using your favorite apps and mobile browser. Pursuing other phone-based side hustles to stack your earnings is also possible. 

Along with earning five credits in your first week, first-time members receive a 10-credit signup bonus. This income boost helps you qualify for your first redemption two weeks sooner.

Consider other signup bonus offers to earn money quickly from personal finance apps. 

How Do You Get Paid?

MobileXpression Home Page

You can start requesting $5 gift cards or PayPal Cash after receiving 30 credits. It is six weeks between redemptions to achieve the minimum redemption again.

Consider waiting until you accumulate 50 credits, which lets you receive $10 gift cards. While you must be more patient, you enjoy a slightly higher redemption value. 

Redemption options include:

Rewards are available in $5 or $10 for brands listed above and arrive in your email inbox within 72 hours. Redemption options can vary by state and are subject to change.

I like the low minimum redemption for cash or gift cards, as the redemption options are competitive to most micro-task sites and survey platforms. Your rewards won’t expire as long as you log in, earn credits, or redeem them within a rolling 90-day period. 

Speaking from personal experience, you may try requesting the $5 gift card instead of waiting to get the $10 reward. I kept the app installed for several more weeks only to have my account frozen and my payout request canceled. Many people report successful payouts and smaller yet more frequent requests can help you verify you don’t lose points or your time.

Does MobileXpression Sell Your Information?

The app will sell your device usage history and browsing habits to business and commercial partners. These third parties use your activity to provide interest-based advertising. You cannot limit which data MobileXpression sells while the software collects data.

MobileXpression has a highly detailed privacy policy describing what information it collects through its software and which details it shares with business partners. It makes a good faith effort to ignore all sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, and credit card information. 

As this market research software continuously runs in the background, you may decide to disable the VPN when logging into your bank account or completing other sensitive activities. Doing so safeguards your private details that you don’t want others to see unintentionally.   

Alternatives to MobileXpression

There are several similar apps that you can use to make money by selling your data. These platforms will likely provide other ways to earn a side income and cash out more often. 

  • Survey Junkie: This survey app lets you complete several daily surveys. The SJ Pulse app lets you earn credits by sharing your browsing history. The minimum redemption is $5 for PayPal and gift cards. 
  • Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel: Answer surveys, play games, and share your device usage history to earn up to $60 per year in gift cards and PayPal. This platform works with computers, phones, and tablets. 
  • Swagbucks: This get-paid-to (GPT) site lets you earn rewards points through surveys, games, and shopping offers. Amazon gift card redemptions start at $1 and gift card or PayPal redemptions require $5.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several questions about using MobileXpression to boost your income.

Can I trust MobileXpression?

MobileXpression is a trustworthy service that pays you to track your general device usage trends. Still, you must be comfortable with another set of eyes collecting most of your device activity that marketers use to personalize their services. You may disable the software in select situations to protect your privacy.

However, there are several customer reviews where members earn credits to cash out and there account unexplainedly is frozen once they redeem their credits. I happen to fall into this group and have not received payment. Further, my account remains frozen.

Is MobileXpression safe?

Your account is password-protected and connected to your phone number. The service strives not to sell your sensitive information. It’s a market research company, and you don’t have any control over which information it collects and sells while the software is active. 

Is MobileXpression a VPN?

The rewards software connects to the internet as a VPN with Android or iOS devices to monitor your device usage. In most situations, the browsing experience is similar to directly using your cellular data or WiFi hotspot.

However, there can be delays with loading websites, and apps with extra security layers may not respond adequately to prevent unauthorized activity.

What are the MobileXpression customer service options?

You can send an email or submit a support ticket 24/7. Average response times are between two and five business days by email. There is also a short online FAQ library answering general questions and those specific to Android and iOS device troubleshooting.


Consider adding MobileXpression to your phone to earn a few dollars by only checking in once a week and avoiding time-consuming tasks.

However, you must be willing to share your internet browsing history with third parties for a relatively low earning potential compared to other passive income apps.

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