Mysterious Skeletons Of A Tall Unknown Race Discovered In California – Who Were These Beings?


Ellen Lloyd – AncientPages.com –  The number of distinct human races that once inhabited the earth remains an enigma. However, archaeology plays a crucial role in reconstructing numerous historical events. Intriguing accounts of people stumbling upon ancient human remains sometimes baffle even the experts. Often, the backstory is even more bewildering than the discovery itself, making it challenging to determine what is authentic and what is not.

Unexplained Encounters With Unknown Beings In California – Old And Modern Reports

A peculiar incident occurred in California where skeletal remains of an unusually tall race were discovered. The physical attributes of these individuals remain a mystery. Questions about their identity and origin are unanswered. Undoubtedly, this surprising event in California continues to perplex us as we strive to unravel its mysteries.

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