NCIS Season 22: Everything We Know So Far

When it comes to police procedurals, whether on the ground or in the courtroom, audiences can usually count on the series staying on for much longer than most other genres.

However, NCIS seems to be an immortal juggernaut that is only gaining more steam with every season it earns and every spinoff it gains, primarily due to fans who can’t get enough of its stories and characters.

And, sure, the series has had its fair share of cast and character shake-ups, but that is to be expected after over two decades of a successful broadcast run.

The most recent season, in particular, left viewers at the edge of their seats foaming at the mouth for more, but don’t worry because TV Fanatic has you covered with everything we know so far about NCIS Season 22!

Has NCIS Been Renewed for Season 22?

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That would be a wholehearted yes!

You can’t keep an amazingly written and wonderfully cast series down, and that is precisely why the long-running season was renewed for another season by CBS in April 2024.

The franchise is far from slowing down, with spinoffs headed to small screens and talks of a European-based series in the works.

What Is NCIS About?

NCIS details the experiences and stories of a team of special agents who work for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

The team, called the Major Case Response Team, primarily responds to high-visibility crimes. At the same time, NCIS is the main federal law enforcement agency of the United States Department of the Navy, investigating Navy and Marine Corps-related criminal activities.

In the series, the NCIS is based at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, DC, where Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a former USMC gunnery sergeant scout sniper, led it. Supervisory Special Agent Alden Parker now leads the team.

There’s one thing on the mind of every NCIS fan, and that’s the fate of Jessica Knight now that the character was given a position as REACT’s chief training officer at Camp Pendleton in southern California.

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Poor Dr. Jimmy Palmer because now it’s just him and his daughter Victoria, but it’s hard to deny that Knight earned that position after saving Alden Parker’s life.

Here is what Sean Murray, a long-time NCIS vet, had to say about the series: “I think we learned this from things that have happened on the show over the years… No one is quite safe.

Obviously, being here 21 years, [I] have enjoyed immensely being a part of this show and continue to be incredibly grateful to be a part of this show, but you never know what’s going to happen.”

Unlike characters from other NCIS shows such as NCIS: Los Angeles, Murray’s Timothy McGee has been with the series since its inception.

How Many Episodes Will NCIS Season 22 Have?

Despite a few years of inconsistent episode counts, NCIS keeps things closer to the twenty mark as far as episode numbers are concerned. While no official number has been released, the series is expected to return to that range.

Regardless of episode count, fans will likely be happy to get some resolution after the end of Season 21, and they certainly have plenty of previous seasons to return to, as NCIS is one of the longest-running military police procedurals in history.

Who Is In NCIS Season 22?

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Once a show hits the double-digit mark, it’s almost guaranteed to have some casting shake-ups, and NCIS has been shaking up its roster for quite some time.

The ending of season 21 saw Katrina Law’s Agent, Jessica Knight, seemingly leave the team, but Law spoke of the possible exit by saying, “Better tune in for that season opener,” teasing fans everywhere about her future with the series.

You’d think the actress and network would give viewers something to work with, considering some still feel the loss of David McCallum’s Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard after the actor’s unfortunate passing before the start of Season 21.

Gary Cole (The Good Fight) as Alden Parker

Sean Murray (NCIS: New Orleans) as Timothy McGee

Brian Dietzen (Perception) as Dr. Jimmy Palmer

Diona Reasonover (Transplant) as Kasie Hines

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Rocky Carroll (Grey’s Anatomy) as Leon Vance

Is There a Trailer for NCIS Season 22?

There is currently no trailer for the next season of NCIS, but as we inch through the summer months towards Fall, fans can likely expect a teaser from CBS hinting at the plot developments for Season 22.

But viewers won’t need to look far for it because here at TV Fanatic, we will serve up the trailer on a silver platter when the trailer makes its way to us!

Where Can I Watch NCIS Season 22?

NCIS will continue to air Monday nights with new episodes premiering at 9 pm during the Fall 2024-2025 broadcast season alongside NCIS: Origins, yet another spinoff of the wildly successful franchise,

Episodes will be available the next day on Paramount+, but subscribers to Paramount+ Essential will be able to watch the series live with an on-demand option afterward.

All twenty-one previous seasons are currently streaming on the app, allowing fans to catch up and rewatch before the new season premieres in the Fall.

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When Is The Premiere Date For NCIS Season 22?

The next season will be part of the Fall 2024-2025 broadcast television season, with a return and an expected run from September to August.

Season 21 saw a late return and shortened season due to the WAG and SAG-AFTRA strike, which saw the production of numerous shows on the CBS network slow down and halt altogether.

Unless another writers strike breaks out, the series will likely return to its regular broadcast schedule.

What Other Shows Are On The Fall Line-up?

Fans won’t have to wait long to see the original NCIS series return for another season of exciting storylines with characters we’ve grown to love as they navigate the dangers of the job, but CBS also has a roster of amazing new and returning shows to watch in-between episode drops.

If you’re itching for more NCIS but like a scenic view with your criminal justice, tune in to the fresh-faced franchise baby, NCIS: Sydney, as it returns for its second season after a successful premiere during the 2023-2024 broadcast season.

And speaking of fresh-faced spinoffs, Fire Country is joining the franchise ranks with a new sister series led by Morena Baccarin titled Sheriff Country airing next broadcast season, but you can catch the shirtless Max Theriot returning this Fall to fight fires for a third season.

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We can’t talk about franchises without mentioning the incredibly successful FBI shows that have made a home at CBS since the network renewed FBI, FBI: International, and FBI: Most Wanted simultaneously, with the original receiving not one but three additional seasons.

For more of that on-the-ground police work, tune in to the handsome Hondo, played by Shemar Moore, as S.W.A.T. returns for an unexpected eighth season after it was initially announced that the series would end with its seventh season.

NCIS has been entertaining fans since 2003 and will no doubt continue to bring exciting stories to the dramatic lives of its characters, all for the viewing pleasure of audiences everywhere.

Are you looking forward to seeing what’s next for the NCIS team?

Which series from the CBS line-up will you be adding to your watch list?

Drop a comment below to let us know, and join us again when we start covering all your favorite new and returning shows this Fall!

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