Pope Benedict XVI still leads Catholics today


New book gives readers bite-sized prayerful reflections from the late pope

SAN FRANCISCO — For busy Catholics who want to experience the late Pope Benedict XVI’s wisdom and deep theological insights, GOD IS EVER NEW: MEDITATIONS ON LIFE, LOVE, AND FREEDOM (Ignatius Press) is the perfect book.

GOD IS EVER NEW is a collection of short essays and excerpts from speeches, documents and letters of Pope Benedict XVI. The meditations are brief yet full of the trademark theological wisdom that marked Benedict’s papacy.

Pope Francis reflects graciously on Benedict XVI in the foreword for GOD IS EVER NEW, writing that the late pope “knew how to bring heart and mind, thought and feeling, rationality and emotion in concert with one another — a fruitful model of how one can tell the world about the shattering power of the Gospel.”

Readers will find it easy to follow Benedict XVI’s thoughts and words as he imparts his wisdom on the Christian life, reflecting on everything from faith, love, love, family, freedom and holiness. Benedict XVI carried on the continuing lessons of God’s immense love for His people that was shown by Saint John Paul the Great and helped to deepen their understanding of God, who is full of surprises and ever new.

GOD IS EVER NEW reveals the pope not so much as a theologian, although his wisdom on theology shines through, but more of a companion on the journey of life, hopefully leading readers onward towards heaven.

“This beautiful collection of essays is the perfect book for the busy Christian who wants deep spiritual enrichment but needs bite-sized doses,” said Jennifer Fulwiler, author of Something Other Than God. “As with all of Benedict’s work, these pages engage both the intellect and the soul.”

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