Ranking Fortnite’s Lobby Tracks From Worst To Best


Fortnite characters cheer in front of a collection of album covers.

Image: Epic Games / Kotaku

Fortnite, Epic Games’ wildly popular battle royale, has been a platform for music streaming for quite some time now. Recently, it even launched its own built-in rhythm game, Fortnite Festival, which has been headlined by icons like Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, and most recently, Billie Eilish.

But what’s even more impressive is the sheer amount of original music Epic Games has created for Fortnite, and how that music spans dozens of genres, from K-pop to country to grime. The lobby music, as it’s more commonly known, is often made up of instrumental scores that are season or character-specific, but there’s also a lengthy track list of songs that sound like they belong on your local pop radio station.

Interestingly, only some of these songs can be traced back to a real-life artist, which begs the question: how is Epic making all of this music? (Stay tuned, we’re investigating.)

We asked Epic to send us a list of Fortnite’s original music, then went through and manually eliminated any song that was more score than radio single, leaving a whopping 50 songs. Then, we ranked them from worst to best. Click through to see how they measure up.


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