Saucy Santana Shares Hilarious Video With His Mom


Saucy Santana opened a door in his life that fans hardly get to peep through. This week, the rapper shared an adorable video showing off his mother! This marks one of the few, if not the first time, we’ve seen Saucy Santana’s mom make an appearance on his social media.

Saucy Santana Brags About His Mom’s Style

Saucy filmed his mom after she got a new ‘do! He revealed that his mom is a pastor. Despite her role in the church, the artist said he makes sure her style, particularly her hair, is far from traditional!

In the clip, his mother is seen rocking a blue dress inside a salon suite. Her hair was styled in a bright, blonde buss down, parted in the middle.

“When your mommy a pastor but, you don’t let her get ‘old lady’ hair-do’s,” Saucy wrote in the video’s text.

Saucy Santana then joked about his mother finding “a man of faith” with her fresh tresses.

Watch the hilarious interaction below. 

What We Know About Saucy Santana’s Parents

Despite his ever-growing fame, Saucy hasn’t shared much about his parents. In a 2022 interview with Vogue, he explained that his upbringing didn’t have much lacking in it. His mother worked as a general manager, and his father was a celebrity bodyguard.

Together, they raised him “middle class” on “five acres of land” in a “three-story house,” he told Interview Magazine in June 2023. It appears the couple is no longer together, though, given that Saucy spoke about finding her “a man of God” in the video above.

As for his sexual and dating preferences, it’s unclear how his parents received his coming out. He told Interview that it didn’t happen until he was 17, but by that point, “everybody already knew.”

However, in his Vogue interview, Saucy confirmed that he’s “always been visibly queer,” getting comments about talking, walking, and acting “like a girl.”

It’s unclear when his mom shifted careers, but their hilarious video is just a lil’ insight into Saucy’s personal life involving family.

As far as his personal life involving friends goes, the ‘Walk Em Like A Dog’ rapper has BEEN open there. That’s especially true when it comes to his bestie, Yung Miami.

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