Sexyy Red Fans Speculate Plastic Surgery After Bandages In Pics

Chile! Sexyy Red has social media users digging into her medical business. The ‘Rich Baby Daddy’ rapper fired up fans after posting photos with bandages covering the swollen twins on her chest.

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Why Are People Saying Sexyy Red Had Plastic Surgery?

As mentioned, Red sparked the chatter herself when she gave her fans a super close-up view of her breasts sitting high and firm in a black bra. Two pieces of clear tape could be seen covering a portion of each of the rapper’s perky, alleged new twins.

The X (formerly Twitter) post featuring the photo had no explainer caption, just a heart emoticon. Still, it has since received over 8,000 likes and more than 369,000 views.

Another photo shows her standing in a room with flowers and balloons behind her. She is wearing a black cropped cami, grey sweatpants, and her usual bonnet. White bandaging slightly covers her chest cleavage.

The Shade Room’s roommates loaded up the comment section with reactions to the alleged chest enhancement update. Note that a repeated concern was about safety with plastic surgery after giving birth.

@shidasafi wrote, “These doctors doing surgeries right after these women have babies is crazy. she’s still freakin lactating. should’ve waited at least a year. not worth the risk.” 

@baewashington added, “She just be living her best ratchet life, and I love that for her. I just be ratchet & poor, so yeah.” 

Meanwhile, @kendria_bland wasn’t buying the surgery tea. Instead, she shared that Sexyy Red “…just had a baby. Her milk probably is hurting her breast, and she is soaking it out,” she added.

@loaded_lavish agreed, writing, “She just had a baby maybe she’s lactating.” 

User @auntie.loren was simply there to defend Sexyy’s “choices about her own body, writing, “Yall remember yall said her body her choice? That applies here too.”

For context, Red recently welcomed her second child in February. She first revealed her pregnancy in October and later hosted a Chyna-town-themed baby shower. She’s previously said that she’s intentionally keeping the identity of the child’s father under wraps.

Rapper Snaps At People Inquiring About Her Kids

Hours after her chest twins went viral, Sexyy Red addressed another constant comment: her children’s whereabouts. Late Wednesday night (June 12), she shared a video on X, snapping at the folks, suggesting she doesn’t spend time with her children, including her infant.

She started by mocking the haters with their usual comments on the kids while showing a glimpse of both of them with her.

“Shut the f**k up, you don’t know me. Y’all be too invested in us, y’all be too invested in these celebrity lives, like why do you wanna…that’s just so crazy to me. I feel like that’s some pervert a*s sh*t. Like, why do you wanna see my kids b***h, you f**king pedophile?”

In a separate clip, Sexyy Red reiterated that her kids are “good.”

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