Why Ben Higgins Says He & Ex Lauren Bushnell Were Like Work Associates

Ben Higgins is looking back at one of the most dramatic seasons of his life. 

Seven years after his split from Lauren Lane (née Bushnell), The Bachelor alum detailed the moment he knew their relationship was over.

After getting engaged on his season of The Bachelor in 2016, Ben and Lauren starred on the spinoff series Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever later that year. Former Bachelor host Chris Harrison even asked the couple on the show if they’d be up for a televised wedding. However, Ben admits the bloom was already coming off the proverbial rose at that point. 

“We had already been struggling from about a month,” the 35-year-old said on the May 28 episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. “We were in couples counseling. We were really trying to make it work. I mean, we were butting heads.” 

In fact, Ben said he and Lauren weren’t really talking beyond the show.

“We were kind of more work associates,” he explained. “We were living in the same house. We weren’t really speaking to each other off-camera because the cameras would leave at 9 o’clock, we’d be exhausted. I might have to go into work the next day. She’d be doing her thing with her job. She was still flying as a flight attendant a little bit. We’d just be like dead tired. We wouldn’t talk to each other. We hadn’t talked to each other really, truly in weeks.”

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