Why Simone Biles and Suni Lee Say 2024 Olympics Are a Redemption Tour

Simone Biles is ready to flip the script on her Olympics story. 

Teaming up with fellow 2020 Tokyo Games vets Jade Carey, Jordan Chiles and Suni Lee—plus newbie Hezly Rivera and alternates Joscelyn Roberson and Leanne Wong—is a bit of “deja vu,” the seven-time medalist admitted to Today‘s Hoda Kotb, mere moments after the 2024 Paris Olympics squad was announced June 30, “but also I feel like a little bit of a redemption tour. In Tokyo, we all didn’t have our best performances, so we’re excited to go out there and kill it.”

For Biles, it was a debilitating case of the “twisties” that caused her to pull out of several events in Japan three years ago. 

“We won silver,” the 27-year-old acknowledged to Kotb. “We will say that, but there were definitely some things that we had to overcome during that meet, and I think we all have a little bit more to give.”

And with three more years of tumbling, vaulting and sticking the landing under their leotards, “I know we’re more mature,” Biles continued. “I think our gymnastics is better. I think we’re a little bit more confident in what we’re doing, so we’re excited.”

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